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Your search for the upcoming new Ford cars in India ends here. Find out upcoming new Ford Cars which are ready to launch in 2019. In America, there is no need to describe the Ford Motor Company. But, Ford wants to shine in the Indian car market which is dramatically rising with high population, and they did with their Ford EcoSport. In compare with other Ford cars, EcoSport did a good job in India and impressed plenty of car buyers and compact SUV lovers.

In this article we do not promote Ford car brand, herein we just provide several names of upcoming ford cars which will hit the Ford Showrooms in India by the year 2019, so that potential car buyers, car enthusiasts and fans of Ford can set their mind in advance for new coming excellence with the trust of Ford. People of the UK and plenty of Americans are happy with Ford cars and now this car maker is trying to provide something extraordinary in several car segments to please Indian market and set its new brand value. Also, Ford Company is giving jobs to many young Diploma, Degree and I.T.I. engineers in Gujarat which is a good thing. Let’s take a look, what Ford is bringing for India in the upcoming days.

Ford Mondeo (Sedan)

Ford is going to Introducing Mondeo Sedan family car with appealing design to give India unique driving experience, safety, security, performance and efficiency. In this upcoming 2019 Ford car you will find dynamic LED technology, rear inflatable seatbelt, clever technology details, class luxury interior, and meticulous craftsmanship. In very few words, the most advance Ford Mondeo sedan car is coming soon in India with a powerful visual statement and many more what exactly India’s young and educated generation is looking for in their first or next luxury sedan. Starting price tag will be around 14 Lakh for this dynamic sedan.

Ford B Max  

An excellent car from Ford is here and coming soon to please India. Meet Ford B max, a compact mini MPV. This five-seater MPV will come in Indian car market with a smart set of doors. You can call it urban MPV which sounds more enjoyable, efficient and easier. In Europe, the name of Ford B Max is popular enough, now Ford India going to introducing it with a smart price tag to attract MPV buyers of India. This car will come with unique design, EcoBoost engine, premium interior centre console, panoramic roof, subtle colour contrasts and chrome detailing. In early 2019, this MPV will come and its price tag will in between 5.5 to 9.5 Lakh.

Ford Fiesta Hatchback  

Next-gen Ford Fiesta is coming in 2019 in India to please hatchback fans of India. This hatch will come with a versatile interior, push-button start, automatic headlamps, EcoBoost engine, a special sport-tuned suspension, torque vectoring control, fog lamps, black lower grill, integrated blind spot mirrors, standard SYNC with Bluetooth, Easy fuel capless fuel filler, and many new features and specifications. Ford will try to make it hot to impress the young generation of India. Many people are in search of the hot hatch in India and they should wait for upcoming Fiesta Ford hatchback. Forget old Ford Fiesta and be ready for something hot, powerful and appealing which will also make you happy in a matter of mileage.              

Ford Mustang (Coupe)

Are you excited for a new Ford Mustang sports car? Then go for pure exhilaration. India will feel the power of Mustang in 2019 as this coupe car is in the list of much-awaited ford car coming up in 2019. In India, young generation likes sports car and for those 2019 Mustang is just perfect one with four engines, better pitch control, aerodynamic look, dual exhaust pipes, air extractor hood vents, awesome wheel design, SYNC 3, and many more solid features and specifications to cater sports car lovers of India. For further model detail, you should contact nearest Ford Showroom or Ford dealer.

Ford Kuga (SUV)      

Don’t say Kuga, a normal SUV, it’s a smart and dynamic SUV and coming soon in India for smart buyers, young generation who are crazy for SUV or having a dream of own SUV car. In the UK, the Ford Kuga SUV car is very popular and now it’s India’s turn. This upcoming 2019 Kuga Ford SUV will come with intelligent all-wheel drive, EcoBoost engine, hands-free tailgate, excellent storage capacity, on-demand technology for the latest generation, brilliant off-road abilities, Ford SYNC, and many more innovative features and remarkable specifications. Its starting price will be around 15.5 lakh for the base model. It is a smart mid-range SUV from Ford. KUGA is more powerful than EcoSport.  

Ford is planning to surprise the buyers in India next year with a host of new age vehicles. Figo Cross is about to come for sure and along with that, another version of Ford Kuga. The earlier models of Ford Kuga had came into the market in 2008 and then again in 2012. Ford is coming up with its latest Kuga SUV model.

As an SUV vehicle, it is full of latest designs and features and since the main aim was to increase the speed and performance, you shall get just that now. Ford Kuga becomes larger and it has become quieter making the drive enjoyable.

Ford Kuga

Ford Kuga Release date in India

Ford has already made an entry with Kuga in Barcelona and the reviews have travelled faster than light. The Delhi Expo in February is going to be tentatively where Ford plans to launch this Ford Kuga in India.

Ford Kuga Features

The US carmaker Ford, knows that the only way they shall be able to please the big vehicle lovers and buyers, is by giving them some of the top class features and powerful engines. This is why the carmaker is leaving nothing on luck and is doing the best for improving the quality of the drive. The highly polished dark grille, on the otherwise smooth front of the car, the comfortable seats with good lumbar support, and the body colored bumper and silver cladding and side steps for the passenger and the driver to help these are some of the smartest features that the Ford Kuga shall have. Dual tone handles and mirrors, large windscreen, on the exteriors and the spacious interiors are what you shall find in the interiors. The automobile manufacturer has always given special stress on the engines and the style factor and hence, you shall find that along with all the major styles, you shall also get to have brilliant performance.

Ford Kuga Specifications

Buyers shall get two engines to choose from – the 2.0-Liter DuratorqueTDCi engine and the 2.7-Liter EcoBoost. The buyers shall also get to choose from variants of 1.5-Liter turbo- power petrol engine, which will be there in the base models, and 2.0-Liter turbo-power diesel engines. The SUV will come with 6-speed automatic gearbox and it shall also come as front wheel drive or all-wheel drive. These would guarantee good speed, and performance that shall help it to match competitor brands and models like Renault Duster and others.

Ford Kuga Models

Kuga comes in two models – the ST line, and the Kuga Vignale line with powertrains in diesel and petrol engines. The Vignale looks grand and comes with a host of luxurious features. The engines have four cylinders and sixteen valves. The 2.0-liter diesel engine, and the 2.7-liter EcoBoost engine, is sure to give the buyers and SUV drivers, a lot of happiness and comfort.

Ford Kuga Price in India

Ford Kuga is supposed to hit the market in petrol and diesel variants, and be in the range of Rs. 16 to 17 lakhs only. Considering the style and engine variants, the price is actually reasonable.

Ford Kuga Interiors

One big reason for the people to pick an SUV for their big family is for its space. The passengers on the front and rear seat, and the driver, shall have ample headroom, and leg room. The passengers would not have to sit clustered up, rather, they shall be able to relax as they go on a drive long or short. The leather-covered steering wheels, and the central console with plenty of switches and controls, are a few things that are attractive. The seats shall have fabric or leather upholstery as per your choice. The powerful AC is going to keep the entire cabin cool evenly. One thing new about the steering wheel is that it has mounted Climate Control. The interiors have cup holders and pouches for the driver, and the passengers along with 12V Power sockets to ensure that there is never a shortage of power for those on the road for a long time.

Ford Kuga Dashboard

The infotainment system has eight-inch touch screen on the smooth dashboard comes with tachometer and speedometer. Ford is bringing in SYNC3 here also without miss since it has already won brownie points in other models and cars under the flagship. Connect the navigation system, or connect with Wi-Fi, as you drive. In fact, the Sync3 shall come free of cost for the first three years for the buyers. The infotainment system shall support both the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. You shall play music from USB port too. The Adaptive Front Lighting system, the Curve Control, Active City Stop Auto Braking, and other such features are sure to bring in good performance to the vehicle. The other features that you shall find in this vehicle are Active Park Assist, Cruise Control, Brake Assist, and Forward Collision Control. Besides these, there are controls for powering the rear windows, reverse camera, and the doors remotely.

Ford Kuga Colors

Ford Kuga comes in 11 colors – Racing Red, Blazing Blue, Frozen White are some of the base colors that are there, besides the metallic colors like, Deep Impact Blue, Ginger Ale, Tiger Eye Metallic, Panther Black, Moondust Silver, Platinum White, Ruby Red and Magnetic.

Ford Kuga Mileage

The petrol variant of Ford Kuga will offer a mileage of 19.0kmpl on the city roads, and 14.0kmpl on the highway. This is good for the Indian roads.

Ford Kuga Boot Space

The boot space has a capacity of 442 liters and this means all your things go in with ease in the boot area.

Ford Kuga Top Speed

The top speed that the vehicle shall go is between 170 and 175kmph, which range just amazing for the busy Indian city roads.

Ford Kuga Seating capacity

The SUV has five spacious seats and still with adjustments, you shall get sufficient comfort in the car even if you are going on a long drive. 

Ford Kuga Engine

You shall get petrol and diesel engines and in petrol engine itself, you shall get one for 148hp version and one for 178hp version. However, you shall choose from the 2.0-Liter TDCi diesel engine and the 1.5-Liter TDCi diesel engine for your drive. You shall pick from six-speed automatic or even manual gearbox. There are AWD models or FWD models of the car available for your drive. The 1.5-liter EcoBoost engine brings in great performance and that too along with good fuel economy.

Ford Kuga BHP

The 1.5-liter EcoBoost engine shall give a power of 150BHP for those who are going on a long route. There are two different diesel engines that shall give BHP of 150 and 180bhp.

Ford Kuga Cruise Control

If there is something new in this Ford Kuga, then it has to be the Adaptive Cruise Control feature, which shall help in smooth maneuvering of the vehicle.

Ford Kuga Dimensions

The new Ford Kuga shall come in a length of 4524mm, and height of 1702mm. This means that you shall get good height too just what you might like from any SUV. Ford Kuga shall have a width of 1838mm.

Ford Kuga Ground Clearance

Ford Kuga shall have an impressive ground clearance of 200mm, which shall ensure that even as you drive on rough terrains, the rear seat passengers shall not face the bumpy ride.

Ford Kuga Exteriors

One look at the car and you shall find that this facelift on the existing model of Ford Kuga is very impressive. Slight changes in dimensions, the body contours, and trims, the sunroof, the Bi-xenon LED headlights, fog lights, and black claddings are what makes the SUV worth a double take. There are many people who do not believe in just buying a random vehicle. For them, beauty of the vehicle is of top most priority. One very striking feature is that of the character line, which runs along the sides of the car. The chrome highlights and the Ford emblem on the bonnet gives it a macho look. Under the bumper in the front, the lower air intake vents are unmistakable. There is an option for the buyers to choose from 17”, 18” or 19” alloy wheels. The roof rails are also common in a few sturdy looking mean machines on wheels. The vehicle’s exteriors have few other exhaust vents and tailpipes with shiny chrome linings. Besides the exteriors, interiors and the engine shall give the buyers something to look forward while buying Ford Kuga.


Ford Kuga is one of the topmost brands and models that shall hit the market and SUV shall be one of the most-sought after vehicles in India. The Indian market is always on the lookout for something in the Crossover or in the SUV, the reception is quite warm and welcoming. The brand itself has big demand in the country, and since the Ford is already a beloved brand, the SUV shall win hearts with ease. This stylishly strong SUV shall wow those who love intelligent vehicles and designs for the busy Indian roads.

The stylish looking Ford Figo Cross will hit the Indian market and shall be ready for a test drive by the latter half of this Year. Those who had owned Ford Figo or other vehicles from Ford shall know that the brand works tirelessly to bring in some positively appealing and necessary changes to the profile of the cars. This is what shall make the wait for the Ford Figo Cross also worth it.

Ford is doing the same thing that other brands have also done and that is of converting or giving their modest hatchbacks a crossover twist, for instance, the Toyota Etios Cross and others. This is something that has won plenty of fans since these crossovers offer great flexibility and strength without actually falling under a large vehicle category. This also means that the price shall remain well within the reach of the customers, However, it is vital that you get to know more about the Ford Figo Cross that shall enter the Indian market here.

Ford Figo Cross Price in India

The higher end models would be at a price of Rs. 8 lakhs tentatively and the lower end models shall be at a price of Rs. 5 lakhs only. This is fine considering it is right for the crossover brands that are available in the market now.

Ford Figo Cross Interior

The interiors are a little different from what the Ford Figo model users might have got them. The dark leather or fabric upholstery on the seats shall be with contrast orange or green stitches to strike and welcome the passengers. There are six airbags, door sill plates and normal fittings and accessories of cup holders and pockets to help you keep your things everywhere. There is automatic air-conditioning systems, central locking, and power steering to give you a comfortable ride and help you experience the joys of driving the crossover. From Hill Assist to Parking sensors, to door locking and electrically adjustable seats and windows, the vehicle also has cruise control for a convenient drive.

Ford Figo Cross Colors

The colours remain the same as Ford had in Figo range of cars. So, from Sparkling Gold to Smoke Grey, to Ruby Red, to Ingot Silver, to Deep Impact Blue, to Oxford White, and finally to Tuxedo Black – pick one for yourself. The colours are superbly in stark contrast to dark upholstery.

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Ford Figo Cross Seating Capacity

The Ford Figo Cross shall offer to seat for five people comfortably. The seats are not just going to accommodate, rather it shall give your back the much-needed rest and comfort.

Ford Figo Cross Mileage

The Ford Figo Cross shall be offering good mileage, which is one of the primary things that shall appeal to every Indian citizen. The 1.5-liter diesel engine shall give 25.83 kpl mileage, and the 1.5-liter petrol engine shall give a mileage of 17 kpl, which is pretty impressive for a crossover vehicle.

Ford Figo Cross Features

In a bid to give the Ford Figo Cross, the stylish crossover look, the brand has come up with various methods for designing the vehicle. The vehicle shall have bumpers and silver skid plates, and 15-inch alloy wheels are going to be here for the potential Figo Cross buyers. The vehicle shall offer fabric and leather upholstery seat covers. The 1.5-liter petrol sigma five-speed manual transmission in the engine shall make the vehicle something to look forward to in the market. The four-cylinder shall be suitable for most all the terrains. The 15-inch gunmetal alloy rims will have dual-purpose tires in the wheels, which is a speciality in the Figo Cross. Looks wise, the sporty interiors and fittings shall be something that many future drivers of Figo Cross shall like. Roof rails, OVRM Caps, and the rugged body shall give the drivers a feeling of being in a big vehicle.

Ford Figo Cross Specifications

The Ford automaker shall be bringing out Ford Figo Cross, which will come in 1.5-liter petrol and 1.5-liter diesel engine. Hence, it shall be working smoothly and in a fuel-efficient manner for those driving on Indian roads. The car comes in 5-speed manual and 6-speed automatic transmission variants for those who wish to try out both of these. The crossover gets a hatchback body and shall be able to give a splendid torque and power. The engine is the one that people who have used the Ford Figo shall have already used. There is not much difference except for these above-mentioned features that shall give the drivers and the passengers a lot of comforts while they go on rough or smooth drives.


Ford Figo Cross Models

The Ford Figo Cross shall come in two trims – Zetec and Style. There will be tentatively two variants or models – one that would run in petrol and one in diesel and with 1.5-liter engine to give you superb performance. Expect a standard 110bhp of power as you drive through the roads. However, there shall also be a base model with 1.2 liter petrol engine that shall serve the same purpose and very pocket-friendly too.

Ford Figo Cross Dashboard

The steering wheel is one of a kind and the dials on the dashboard will feature the top class infotainment system that Ford specializes in now. The SYNC 3 infotainment system shall be compatible with both Android phones and Apple phones. The SmartDevice Link shall be able to guide the drivers easily on the road. The dashboard has the infotainment system and the touch screen display that shall show fuel consumption levels, and the parking sensors, and of course, the SAT NAV along with music and air conditioning controls. Parking sensors, door locking systems and Google Maps, and Wi-Fi connectivity shall help in listening to music through live streaming. In short, the driver and the passengers shall be able to entertain themselves as they drive through the roads.

Ford Figo Cross Boot Space

Since the crossover vehicle has its origin from the Ford Figo Hatchback, it has rather spacious boot space for storing cargo. The capacity is around 257 liters in the boot area for storing luggage.

Ford Figo Cross Best Speed

Those who have had their experience with Figo or Aspire of the Ford shall know that Ford shall offer higher top speed in its vehicles for those who love speed. This Figo Cross has an overall sporty look and this is why it shall be flaunting a top speed of 180 km/h with the 1.5-liter diesel engine. The 1.5-liter petrol engine shall offer around 185 km/h top speed.

Ford Figo Cross Engine

Though there might be a little bit of similarity in the engine of the Ford Figo basically, there is a difference in the gearbox or transmission. The 1.5-litre petrol and diesel engines shall offer an amazing top speed of around 180 to 185km/h. The four-cylinder Sigma engine is shall run noiselessly and shall make the driver and passengers quite happy with its fuel efficiency and fuel emission too.

Ford Figo Cross BHP

The Ford Figo Cross shall be able to offer amazing speed at a power of 110bhp. The torque shall be 146Nm, which is again quite reasonable for a crossover that is running on the roads now.

Ford Figo Cross Cruise Control

The Ford Figo Cross comes with all the most useful gears and features that shall aid in a smooth drive.

Ford Figo Cross Dimensions

The length of this crossover Ford Figo Cross is around 3886mm, and width of 1695mm. This said the exteriors shall also give you the impression that it is quite a perfect sized vehicle for having your entire family in without really worrying about the space crunch. The height is impressive at 1525mm and this is good enough for the passengers who do not like the bumpy road drives.

Ford Figo Cross Ground Clearance

The ground clearance is something that shall take you at the moment you spot it. Yes, it offers a reasonably good ground clearance that does not leave any room for any bumpy ride.

Ford Figo Cross Exteriors

The front bumper has the stylish honeycomb mesh grille, the black plastic linings and trims around the wheels and the door handles in plastic goes well with the look that the vehicle promises. The silver and grey highlights, the side mirrors and fog lamps and headlights make the vehicle a superb buy.

By introducing Ka Trail or Ka+ car in India as the Ford Figo Cross with a few tweaks, to adapt to the country’s roads, the customers shall surely expect a grand drive. The vehicle has already upped the expectations very high and hopefully live up to it in 2019.