Mahindra KUV100 Price in India, Mileage, Colors, Interior & Specification

Young SUV of India is getting good words and it is beneficial for Mahindra Car Company. This mini-SUV is affordable yet good looking and comes with the trust of Mahindra. It is next-gen affordable SUV car for India and now you can get more details about KUV100 before driving it home. We provide Mahindra KUV100 features, price in India, specifications, engine, pictures, interior, exterior details, performance, mileage, top speed, pick-up, boot space, ground clearance, seating capacity and small yet helpful comparison to get the exact difference from its rival mini-SUVs. If you are planning below 10 lakh SUV, then you should check out KUV100 Mahindra without any doubt.  

Mahindra KUV100

KUV100 Specification

18 December 2015 Mumbai Event confirms 2016 Mahindra KUV100 launch, bookings, specifications, official pictures, features, brand ambassador, all-new engine, all-new platform, and release date 2016 January 15 (Vasi Uttarayan). The Mahindra S101 subcompact SUV is nicknamed KUV1oo where KUV stands for Compact Utility Vehicle and last two characters are alphabet ‘o’, not ‘zero’. In the all-new Mahindra KUV100 reveal Mumbai event, new Falcon engine family has been revealed and given a little bit hit of all new KUV100 design with well known Pininfarina’s design input. India’s rising Bollywood actor, the stunning Varun Dhawan is declared upcoming Mahindra S101 car’s brand ambassador to attract the Indian youth.

Name confusion is over here, sub-compact SUV S101 will be called Mahindra KUV100 in the Indian car market. As a faster growing online car buying guide and car information provider platform, we will provide you the most updated KUV100 compact sub 4 meter SUV’s specifications, features, engine specs, production plant, expert reviews, user reviews, mileage, interior, exterior, on-road prices, ex-showroom prices, release date, dimensions, colours, boot space, ground clearance, wallpapers, Mahindra dealers location, showroom, CSD price, and many more you should know about India’s most affordable upcoming compact sport utility vehicle, dedicated to middle class of India and youth who are dreaming for SUV at an entry-level hatchback price tag.

Check out KUV1oo car technical specifications. It will come with mFalcong G80 petrol engine and mFalcon D75 diesel engine with remarkable bhp and torque power. It holds sufficient wheelbase, higher ground clearance, ideal city dimensions, smart turning radius, and advanced suspensions. Pre Bookings are open from 19 December 2015. Book your happiness in advance and get the delivery at the day of Kite Festival 2016.         


KUV100 Features

Know brand new Mahindra KUV100 features, the most awaited compact SUV car, coming for Indian ways on January 15, 2016. This car is smart entry of Mahindra for 2016 year where they want to give sub-compact SUV pleasure to India at very affordable prices, so that Indian folks can choose the right family car in their budget. The budget and mileage friendly upcoming Mahindra S101 car is a good looker and performer as well and will give tough competition to many mini SUVs and hatchbacks. The all new Kool Utility Vehicle will change the mentality of many Indian car buyers and even middle class people would prefer to go for SUV segment.

In Mumbai 18 December 2015 event many features of Mahindra KUV100 has been unveiled and here they are for you. All new Mahindra 2016 India KUV1oo car will come with ABS (anti-lock braking system), two all-new m Flacon engines, BS IV emission rating, large air-over-tyre, square muscular wheel arches, turbine inspired alloy wheels, four variants (K2, K4, K6, K8), sculpted bonnet, wide stance, wrap-around swooping headlamps with LED DRLs, high shoulder line, wraparound tail lamps, and short overhangs. To give you good pick-up and acceleration, it will come with 5 speed manual and optional automated manual transmission.

It’s time to change the prejudice that Indian made SUV is not worth and middle-class people could not buy their first car as SUV car. The highly comparative cost of new Mahindra KUV100 (S101) will remove this old running prejudice in India. At present, there is a new trend going on in India for compact and sub-compact SUVs and many big players are in this cut-throat competition, where new KUV100 joins the party with some remarkable things which will work in India without any doubt. Book your drive test or car and get early delivery, bookings is open for all.      


KUV100 Release Date

The all new sub-compact Mahindra KUV100 SUV car will be available in India Mahindra showrooms from 15 January 2016. The wait is finally over for the S101, release date has declared in one Mumbai event along with many features, official image, engine launch, and with many unknown things about this most awaited India car. Very soon we can see television commercial of Mahindra KUV1oo compact SUV car starring by dynamic Varun Dhawan. With small amount, one can pre-book the car and get final delivery with other cash or easy car loan EMI facility. Get ready for the more in less prices without compromising the trend, style and new kind of stance.

As per the Indian car experts, 2016 will be beneficial for Mahindra & Mahindra, Indian multinational automobile manufacturer. Moreover, the car maker has recently acquired Pininfarina to set new standards in Mahindra’s car designing to meet the next-generation and latest car trends. It is tiny yet tall car under the 4m length to get tax advantages which help to set affordable on road price for new Mahindra KUV100 car. Also driver and passengers will get high seating position to enjoy the every trip with new vision like the vintage point of town.     

With its first look, without any doubt you can call the all new 2016 Mahindra micro SUV KUV100, a “Young SUV Car” and sounds dedicated to India’s trendy youth. B-segment hatchbacks will definitely get affected with this new car’s India launch. Be ready for the all new Mahindra KUV 1 double O! Stay tuned on this online car information provider platform for complete Mahindra new India 2016 KUV100 car.


KUV100 Color

The Young SUV, new Mahindra KUV100 colours and features magic is all set to hit the Indian roads and to win the Indian hearts & souls. India’s current car trend and youth are ready to welcome this new micro SUV car and Mahindra showrooms too. Like clothing, car’s colour must be matching with your personality, isn’t it right! To meet the young generation and corporate people’s car color demands, the Mahindra bringing 7 marvellous shades for its brand new KUV100 sub compact SUV car and they are Pearl White, Fiery Orange, Dazzling Silver, Designer Grey, Aquamarine, Midnight Black, and Flamboyant Red. What are you up to?

In last two years lifestyles of common people have changed and in upcoming days it will reach to new height with Digital India and Growing India. In this scenario, consumers have become very choosy and they are ready to pay, but in return they want quality and style in their particular shades whether it is smartphone or clothes or car. If a car maker will not move with the trend its car products will go in vain, Mahindra India knows it very well and all set to carry its India car portfolio by keeping young generation and their choices in mind whether it is about shades or speed.  

The what colour range will India get for all new Mahindra KUV100 Car is outstanding and will meet the current and upcoming shades requirement very well. It’s time to think beyond the typical Mahindra car, time to think for next-generation car, not just thinking, here it is to start your New Year 2016 with your own new ways!


KUV100 Review

Here it’s all about new KUV100 Mahindra Car reviews. This online car information will provide you unbiased expert reviews, first look reviews, Mumbai event reviews, and social comments and critics reviews for upcoming 2016 Mahindra sub-compact SUV car so that readers can judge the car and go for pre-bookings. First of all we would like to go for prices, in Mumbai Mahindra KUV100 unveil event, no confirmation is given about the prices, it will make public on the launch date in January 15, 2016 or will be public through TV commercial advertise starring with Varun Dhawan. From all over the India, this upcoming and most awaited car is getting good comments and compliments which is good sign for the M&M.

One car seeker from Navi Mumbai (Vashi) tells, In January his wife’s birthday and with very confidently he wants to give her surprise in form of a good family car. The guy is normal job doing person and searching the budget yet little bit good looking car over the internet from last few days, and luck by chance he reached to Mumbai Mahindra KUV100 unveil event by the help of Internet and after 15 minutes of features and look checking he is all set for pre-booking. One family head, aged 58 tells, they live in Rohini, Delhi and have one hatchback and one sedan car in their family and planning for the compact SUV. Some well wisher of him recommends him for upcoming KUV100 (S101) by Mahindra and he found it just perfect and stylish to save some lakhs without compromising their family’s personality and lifestyle.  

India Car experts say, it is more than just a looker and new platform and all-new engine will rock the trend with performance. ‘Value for the Money’ and Stylish car as per trend, must go for a test drive to realise it even better.



The brand new 2016 Mahindra mini SUV KUV100 Car is powered by all new mFalcon 1198 cc (1200 cc) petrol and diesel engine with sufficient bhp power. Future emission protected petrol mFALCON G80 engine will provide 82 bhp max power at 5500 rpm, while mFALCON D75 diesel engine will provide 77 hp max power at 3750 rpm. Having this horsepower you will get better output from the engine to get enjoyable driving and ride. It is Mahindra’s next-generation car and they do not want to compromise from any angle whether it is engine displacement or bhp power. Without any doubt, it is called a good, not only good, but serious power in its type.

Typical India is moving towards Digital India and when it comes down to cars, only new generation cars will remain in the cut-throat competition, others will throw automatically with changing demands of advanced Indian car buyers. Mahindra & Mahindra this time bring something innovative at very affordable prices in India to cover the huge mid-range peoples who are planning for their first car within some serious budget. Some cheap price cars are available in Indian car market but not meeting the new generation’s demands, Mahindra KUV100 will conquer!  

Four KUV100 variants are coming in January 15, 2016 to meet different Indian budgets, in the lowest variant it offers ABS (anti-lock braking system) feature, it means no compromise, the purpose of the car maker is very clear to provide something enjoyable, comfortable and stylish within their budget. Car loan may help you to achieve your dream, find and contact nearby Mahindra dealer or showroom for further details and pre-bookings.


KUV100 Boot Space

In matter of boot space Mahindra so far remain better and again in new Mahindra KUV100 sub-compact SUV car, coming very soon in India to give new SUV pleasure to India and turn many car dreams into reality. It is no space of worry type car where you will find sufficient boot space to store your baggage and other luggage with great ease. Sometimes, when we choose look of car, we have to compromise for small bootspace, but new generations cars give both, and upcoming Mahindra KUV100 aka S101 car is one of those new gens cars. You will get likely 350 to 400 litres boot space in next-gen Mahindra KUV1oo micro sport utility vehicle.

In cases of small trip or routine, no issue with luggage storage boot space, but when it comes down to long family or friends’ tour, it matters! 6 person comfortable seating capacity and large boot space are boon for this car and India will enjoy it very soon. Due to large wheelbase, the interior of this car is roomy and there is sufficient space to store your luggage. For miscellaneous items storage you will find other storage compartment. Just for moment, if we put bootspace feature in side, then other things matters are leg room, shoulder room, head room, and knee room, what about these? You guys no need to worry, you will get sufficient space to get solutions for all these and enjoy pure riding with extreme comfort.

Book your drive test as early as possible, otherwise you have to wait as so many like you are ready for a test drive this new upcoming sub-compact SUV sensation.  


KUV100 Battery

Get Mahindra KUV100 battery specifications and find affordable battery replacement options online for other Mahindra car models and cars from other car makers. All-new mFalcon family engines are ready to give power to new 2016 Mahindra compact KUV1oo SUV car. Powerful engine needs a right battery companion to deliver lasting performance in all weather conditions and this upcoming micro SUV car will not disappoint India for battery performance. In new KUV100 Mahindra car, you will find standard battery with high capacity to handle engine start and many electrical functions where your car requires battery power. Say goodbye to battery related dull moments; your next-generation Mahindra car is ready with powerful battery made to perform.

Auto-charged battery of KUV100 new Mahindra features simple to use vent plugs, cover design, top standard cell welding, glass mat separator, removable handle, high heat tolerance, better reserve capacity, vibrant resistance, high cranking power, low-corrosion, long life and maintenance free. In very short, Mahindra KUV100 2016 car’s battery specifications meet all requirements as per Indian roads and temperature. This platform makes battery replacement easy by finding the right battery as per your car’s requirements or model.

This online car information provider platform provides battery specs for different India car models, including existing, new arrivals, and upcoming so car seekers and battery seekers get the real time car battery information and online car battery providers with so many options to get the comparative price deal. Stay cool like your car’s battery and enjoy the trip with combine smart performance of battery and all-new engine. Be ready for the new driving standards, next-gen ease!    


KUV100 Power/CC

Diesel cars ban in India is possible in future, may be in particular city or state, and keeping this future concern in mind, Mahindra is first time bringing all-new mFalcon petrol engine for India in upcoming Mahindra KUV100 sub-compact SUV car which sounds powerful than many current 5 to 8 lakh around hatchbacks and mini SUVs in India. Also India will get m Falcon diesel engine for better mileage. With Pininfarina design input, the all-new KUV100 has become worry free about its design, interior, and exterior. Then, only one thing remains to rule the car market and it is engine.

At in 18 December 2015 Mumbai Mahindra event, car maker has unveiled all-new mFalcon family petrol and diesel engines to provide brilliant power to KUV100 and it really needs it because India’s next generation demands blend of stunning look and performance. Having 1.2 litre mFALCON D75 diesel engine produces 77 bhp maximum power at 3750 rpm and 190 Nm torque at 2250 rpm. If we take a look at light weight mFALCON G80 petrol engine, it generates 82 bhp max power at 5500 rpm and 114 Nm torque at 3600 rpm. A smart and efficient combination of hp, rpm and torque delivers great power behind the wheel with smooth acceleration. With such power you will get nice pick-up and top speed to enjoy on open ways with remarkable stability.        

So far, Mahindra holds good reputation in Indian car industry and new KUV100 micro-SUV will help to take it to the whole new height, and this time new own style too. New stance and new power are ready to give India new ease of car handling and enjoyable rides, every time!


KUV100 CSD Price

Is new Mahindra KUV100 SUV is available for Canteen store department with discounted CSD price? Let it first launch it for Mahindra showrooms, later on there are chances of its CSD stores launch in India. This online car information provider cum car buying guide will provide you total information for brand new KUV100 Mahindra mini-SUV car 2016 including CSD price, on road price, ex-showroom price, engine details, tech specifications, dimensions, boot space, expert reviews, first look reviews, launch event reviews, latest updates, pictures, mileage, facelift and many other information people are searching over the Internet. For CSD price list, you have to wait for few more months.

Around 10% people in India are eligible for the Canteen store department purchase and it is big portion that car maker should not skip. Mahindra knows the Indian car market and CSD store demands very well as it is Indian car maker itself. Stay tuned with this online car information platform and we will tell you CSD launch date and price list for Mahindra compact sub 4 meter Young SUV KUV100 in major cities where such stores are located. We have updated CSD stores list of India and if KUV100 will launch for this stores later on, we will provide you discounted CSD price list in Khadki, Trimulgherry, Agra, Jalandhar, Avadi, Gandhi Nagar, and many other locations of Punjab, Haryana and other states where our Army, Navy, Air Force staff live and other central government officers eligible for such purchase.  

Stay tuned for Canteen fair price for upcoming Mahindra 2016 KUV100 Car. Don’t miss it, it is good to go car with budget and mileage friendly way which meets the current India car trend!


KUV100 Interior

Interior of 2016 all-new Mahindra KUV100 compact crossover is designed by LG Engineering with smart input of Pininfarina. Spacious interior is ideally match with its all new look and exterior to get complete image and new kind of SUV stance. Here you will get latest KUV100 interior pictures and information to know about its smart cabin. As a Young SUV it has to offer a high-tech interior and it indeed gives with quality material and advanced design to enjoy the utmost comfort. Car makers of KUV100 very well know the current competition in mini SUV India segment and they understands the importance of Interior from next-gen user point of view and as a result the nice and functional cabin India will enjoy in new sub-compact SUV KUV100 by Mahindra & Mahindra.

Get ready for the new premium interior. The brand new Mahindra micro SUV KUV100 will come with all new automatic transmission, manual transmission, dual-tone dashboard with integrated cluster hood, attractive lounge lighting, beautiful gear knob, infotainment system, rear parking camera, touchy A/C vents, small yet effective power steering wheel with audio controls and cruise control, storage compartment, three person seating capacity at front row, USB Port, AUX port, Bluetooth Connectivity, Next-gen music system, fine fabric upholstery with backrest and headrest, small storage space in doors, digital odometers, and many more small details to make the interior of this car indeed rich.     

Along with nice interior elements, the car also offers good boot space to store your luggage easily and safely. Plus it is worth with its ample leg room, knee room, should room, and head room. What we can expect from mini SUV interior, all it offers in stylish manner to prove it really Young SUV for trendy Indian youth and others who are crazy about SUV cars.


KUV100 Exterior

Mahindra Rise, indeed it is and they prove it with trendy exterior of KUV100 micro SUV car, coming in India as a Young SUV. Expert first look reviews of this India Mahindra car says many more about its outstanding exterior and we will provide you latest exterior images of KUV100 to double sure about its new styling which is well admired in recent Mumbai event and over the social media platforms by Mahindra fans and even by critics. Sharp design theme is plus point of its exterior features and Pininfarina’s input make it best it in class. When it comes down to exterior, how can we forget the shades, and it’s time to think beyond the typical Mahindra cars, they will offer a super-duper range of colours to meet your choice and lifestyle.

The Mahindra Exterior KUV100 holds crossover theme style where you will find rugged cladding, higher ground clearance, scuff plates, roof rails, nice rub rails, projector headlamps with LED DRLs, C-pillar mounted rear door handles, classy front grille with chrome inserts, elegant fog lamps with chrome bezel, muscular bonnet, 17 inch alloy wheels, nice window lining, Mahindra and side mFalcon emblem, and many small things that leave a lasting impression. All quality and youth-centric exterior stuffs provide ultimately mini bold stance which little bit less than big family 7 or 8 seater SUVs but much more than hatchbacks and superior in micro SUV Indian car segment.         

Exterior of the new 2016 Mahindra KUV100 car model gives every reason to love it. Enjoy the test drive, you can’t say no to and also it is budget and mileage friendly, what are you thinking, hurry before the prices hike.


KUV100 Cruise Control

The new Mahindra 2016 KUV100 Car will come with cruise control system or not is not confirm yet, but major sources and experts says it will have in its top end variant as it is next-generation car from Mahindra and they called it Young SUV, so likely they will not miss cruise control and smart navigation system. Before two or three years in India, SUV and MPV cars are considered only for more passenger purpose. But cars like Ford EcoSport, Renault Duster, Nissan Terrano, and Maruti Suzuki Ertiga have changed this Indian mentality and today we can see innovation through such cars and also choices of Indian folks have changed, they move to compact and mini SUVs to enjoy new stance and personality.

Keeping the current market requirements and youth in centre, Mahindra & Mahindra bringing all-new next-generation sub compact SUV which offers crossover type comfort with SUV look and performance. The KUV100 Mahindra is expected with cruise control system which will help you in traffic conditions and on open roads to enjoy driving with speed limiter. Adaptive cruise control smartly follows the ahead vehicle to give you peace of mind; otherwise we all know the Indian traffic situations. Not only traffic-packed city roads, India also has good open roads and national highways where you can enjoy top speed or constant speed to get better mileage. With cruise control’s speed limiter, you can move with fixed speed without hassle of gear changing and acceleration.     

Get complete information about this upcoming 2016 India Mahindra car with its specifications, engine features, interior, exterior, wallpapers, average, facelift, CSD price, dealer & showroom locations, and much more you should know before bring it home.


KUV100 Dimensions

Let’s check out 2016 all-new Mahindra KUV100 Car dimensions in terms of accurate width, height and length. The Mahindra KUV100 price in India is no big worry as it is highly affordable, interior & exterior are also just perfect, then let’s take a look at its dimension. This city smart next-gen Mahindra micro SUV will not disappoint you in matter of its length, height, width, wheelbase, turning radius, and ground clearance. We can see small two or three layers wall as parking limit and also sometimes we need to insert in small streets, be worry free, this car will give your total ease for all these with its advanced driving features and city ideal dimensions.

The KUV100 Mahindra car measures around 3990 to 3995 mm length, 1670 mm width, and 1560 mm height. It is tentative but very close dimensions for this upcoming mini SUV in India by Mahindra in 2016. It will come with higher ground clearance, city smart turning radius, and large wheelbase. What latest mini SUVs offer in dimensions, this car has everything to offer you and in fact more than it as an India’s Young and the most affordable sub compact SUV.

Some car experts say, only Mahindra and Tata can give something worth in budget price in India. A nice Tata Zica hatchback is coming soon in India and Mahindra is in compact SUV segment. New era of Indian car industry has began and here it is Mahindra’s input in it to please the huge middle-class buyers of India, now they can purchase their first car as a SUV car, isn’t it great!


KUV100 Dashboard

As per young generation of India, car dashboard should be functional and attractive. Such dashboard you will find in new Mahindra KUV100 compact crossover coming in 2016 in India to give a solid look, bold stance, and solid competition to B-segment hatchbacks and mini SUVs. A smart control panel is this car’s interior’s remarkable point and driver can easily reach to it to control many functions with ease while driving. The KUV100 Mahindra dashboard layout is pleasing to the eye type and holds all the essential functions one ideal dashboard should have. When you enter in the cabin of this sub-compact SUV, steering wheel and dashboard will catch your eyes without any doubt.

On the detail dash of Mahindra mini SUV KUV100, you will find touch screen infotainment system to control videos and audios and to watch rear parking cameras & navigation route maps. It also contains USB port, AUX port, A/C On-Off button, and A/C temperature setting button. Air conditioner vents are smartly placed to spread cooling for first and second row. Small storage compartment you will find to place your small stuffs, also it offers space behind the front seat cover. Digital speedometers give ideal view to driver in both day and night time to view speed, kms, mileage, and other required alerts.     

The Mahindra KUV100 dashboard gives a perfect match to its stunning interior with centre console and many vital functions. On the whole, this car is smartly designed with care of small details as per latest Indian trend to make it really Young SUV by features and specifications. Book your SUV today at unbelievable prices, it’s not a dream, it’s time to convert your dream into reality.   


KUV100 Engine Specification

Not just another car engine, it’s time to meet recently launched mFALCON engine, set in 2016 all-new Mahindra KUV100 Car. The all-new m Falcon engine has been launched in a Mumbai event, held on 18 December 2015 in order to unveil the real power behind the upcoming and most awaited budget and mileage friendly KUV100 sub compact SUV car. Mahindra & Mahindra seems more confident with this new engine family and Pininfarina design backbone and as per Indian car experts Mahindra KUV100 mini SUV will leave a lasting impression on Indian youth and those who are searching compact SUV at minimal budget or planning their first ideal family car.

Let’s take a dip to know the engine power, displacement, capacity, torque, bhp, rpm, and more for KUV1oo car. This time Mahindra gives top priority to Petrol engine as it feels diesel engine ban concern in India in future. mFalcon G80 is all new compact & light weight aluminium MPFI Petrol Engine that holds 1198 cc engine displacement and produces 82 bhp (61 kW) power at 5500 rpm and 117 Nm maximum torque at 3600 rpm. Many Indian car lovers still love Diesel engine, for those, Mahindra will offer mFalcon D75 Turbocharged CRDe (Common Rail Diesel Engine) engine with 1198 cc displacement which generates 77 bhp (57 kW) max power at 3750 rpm and 190 Nm max torque at 2250 rpm.

Both petrol and diesel engine of KUV100 Mahindra SUV are Future BS IV Emission protected. Get ready for the high performance and top speed with great stability and handling ease. We will provide you mFALCON engine pictures and lot more details, stay tuned.


KUV100 Facelift

KUV100 Mahindra 2016 facelift is out of the imagination, let the India enjoy brand new Mahindra KUV1oo sub-compact SUV car first. Mahindra & Mahindra is going to the very right direction in India by targeting youth without missing the latest trend. Their upcoming next-generation mini SUV is well admired before the launch in India and it is a good sign for any car maker. The Mahindra KUV100 is not a facelift version; it is a brand new designed model which will come with all-new platform based design, all-new interior, exterior and all new mFALCON family engine to deliver some serious power in its class.

From Mahindra & Mahindra, India will likely get Quanto 2016 facelift version, Mahindra Scorpio Facelift, Genio, and SsangYong Rexton facelift model in 2016. So far, this car maker is popular in India for its diesel passenger related cars, but first time it is bringing a new powerful m Falcon petrol engine to please India and it is some kind of message that, in future you will not ignore M&M products and their confidence reach to almost double due to their Pininfarina acquired. If India based car companies grow up, it is good sign for Indian car buyers because home product is always cost-effective than foreign company product, isn’t it right!

This online car information platform cum car buying guide India will provide you complete information for new car launch, upcoming cars, existing cars, and facelift car models coming in 2016 and 2017. Easy and low interest car loans are available for KUV100 Mahindra car, book your car today!       


KUV100 Ground Clearance

Low in price – lakh but high in ground clearance, new Mahindra KUV100 is gifted with its 16 or 17 inch alloy wheels and ground clearance of around 195mm to 200 mm to tackle the various Indian roads and for overall appearance of Young SUV. Mahindra & Mahindra is an India based car manufacturer and knows the Indian road conditions very well and that’s why they do not want to compromise for ride height in their next-gen KUV100 car. 195 to 200 mm GC is absolutely fine to tackle village roads, railway crossing, speed breakers, under bridge, over bridge, hilly roads, and many other kinds of tracks with great ease. Ready for the new height between you and the road!

With higher ground clearance feature, the Mahindra new KUV100 compact SUV offers new bold stance, all weather performance guarantee, and higher seating capacity inside. It is not hard-core off-road performer, but where normal hatchback or sedan stuck, it will not disappoint you with its high-tech suspension, good pick-up, and anti-lock braking system. Easy to handling and enjoyable car it is in fact and the price tag is expected highly affordable and comparative due to its less than 4m length and home production.

Check out some latest exterior images of all new Mahindra mini SUV KUV100 and you will get clear idea about its high ride height in its type. Don’t think about the used car, with car loan facility, you can own a brand new compact SUV with trust of Mahindra. Don’t give up your dream, now you can afford it.


KUV100 Highest / Top speed

How many seconds the new Mahindra KUV100 will take to reach 0 to 100 kmph and what top speed it offers? Answer is here. First of all, we would like to say, the all new 2016 Mahindra KUV100 sub compact SUV will come with powerful new mFalcon engine, which has been launched recently in Mumbai and for next generation, this Young SUV bringing 5-speed manual and automatic transmission to enjoy the driving even better. Top (Highest) Speed and pick-up depend on vehicle’s engine and here for this car, engine is premium so without any doubt you can enjoy good speed on open roads and city-smart pick-up as well.   

The advanced engine of KUV100 car will let you enjoy a top speed of 165 kmph with remarkable stability and goes from 0-100 kmph in around 14.5 seconds. For micro-SUV this highest speed and pick-up are really well and should appreciate it, and it’s all possible due to its newly light-weight m Falcon engine. Major current hatchbacks and mini SUVs are offering around 150 to 160 kmph top speed, in compare of these cars, this new Mahindra youth-centric product is better. Maybe in base and mid variant, you will not get automatic gear box, but in high and top end variant you will get it.      

Anti-lock braking system will avail in all variants. It is feature-packed small budget compact crossover with bold SUV stance and comfortable roomy interior to enjoy pure driving and riding. It is M&M’s next-gen venture and it will not disappoint mid-range India, in fact a major population of India. Book a drive test to judge and experience it!


KUV100 Mileage/Average

Long lasting engine performance and mileage are two vital things from where major people of India judge the car. 2016 Mahindra KUV100 SUV is mileage friendly car and will not disappoint India for average & performance. Before its India launch it has become talk of the town with its stunning look, all new engine, and good price tag. With all new mFALCON family engine, Mahindra & Mahindra sounds more confident for the KUV100 mileage, performance, top speed, and pick-up in its type. From 25 lakh above cars we can expect great luxury and high-profile standard, but not mileage. But we can expect a better mileage from 5 to 10 lakh price range cars and such cars are for India’s mid class people.

mFALCON G80 petrol engine will give KUV100 mileage around 18 to 20 kmpl, while mFALCON D75 diesel engine will give 22 to 24 kmpl fuel economy. For city and highway roads it may varying as per your driving method and what speed you choose. As per car experts, this average is very good and it will attract the more buyers who indeed care for the mileage. Having such a good fuel-economy, you can take KUV100 for long trip without any doubt and it also offers six person seating comfort. More comfort and more style than Mahindra Bolero in less cost, don’t skip this next-gen Young SUV if you are planning for budget and mileage friendly family car, grab the trend to rise with Mahindra!      

Get total information, latest pictures, and latest news updates for upcoming Mahindra sub-compact SUV named KUV100.  


KUV100 Models

Know everything about new 2016 Mahindra KUV100 SUV car model and variants. It is very first fresh model of KUV100 which India will enjoy from January 2016 in four different variants seven stunning colours. It is next-generation model with sporty exterior and classy interior touch with quality input of Pininfarina. To make this new Mahindra 2016 car model superior than its rivals, it is designed on all-new platform and to give it solid power, the all new mFALCON engine family is ready. Another great thing about this stylish model is it is youth-centric and called as Young SUV in India. Youth role-model Varun Dhawan will handle the ad campaign for KUV1oo sub-compact sport utility vehicle.

Let’s talk about Mahindra 2016 KUV100 variants. It will be available in base K2 & K2+, mid K4 & K4+, High K6 & K6+, and Top End K8 variant. Dual airbags and ABS (anti-lock braking system) will stay common in all variants, while they may differ in matter of automatic and manual transmission system, cruise control, and other small details. Price gap will remain around 50k in between different variants, means for high end variant you have to pay around 1.5 lakh extra. In future if facelift model will launch for this car, we will give you latest updates for it.       

As per Indian car experts, next-generation KUV100 India model will help Mahindra & Mahindra to achieve new goals in 2016 and up coming years, the other side, many dreams will complete with a good car. Whether you are planning your first car or next one, don’t miss to take a look at upcoming Mahindra mini SUV!


KUV100 Price in India

When it comes down to middle class of India, purchasing decision depends on price. Herein, you will get 2016 Mahindra KUV100 price in India so that you can easily compare costs with other cars in the same or different segment. You are at India’s neutral online car buying guide and car information provider platform which here talking about upcoming KUV100 Mahindra car’s India prices in different cities. Also you will get canteen store department – CSD Price list for M&M KUV100 sub compact SUV car, when it launched. Less than 4m length is beneficial in matter of cost and as per experts.

Mahindra officials will declare the exact on road price at the day of launch, Jan 15, 2016. Currently tentative prices are available for this city-smart micro sport utility vehicle. The most expected price in India for KUV100 base variant is 4.0 to 4.20 lakh without any taxes, state duties, and RTO process. The whole price scenario will stay in between 4 to 6.5 lakh. We cannot say anything right now for the canteen store department launch, but if this car will be launched for CSD stores, then eligible consumers can save around 15 to 20 thousands.     

It is hard to find such a looker and feature-packed mini SUV at such affordable price tags. We do not promote any particular car product; we just give the right information to readers and car seekers so that they can choose the good car. As per first look reviews and expert reviews, you should not miss the KUV100. Get the best price at nearby Mahindra dealer or showroom and drive to home in 2016 to start your New Year with own new SUV car.   


KUV100 Seating Capacity

Unlike other mini SUVs and compact crossovers, the new Mahindra KUV100 offers six person seating capacity. It is a wide car and front row holds separate driver seat and single seat at other side with straight two person seating capacity, and rear row allows three, total six adults can easily enjoy the ride in KUV100 Mahindra compact SUV car. In matter of passenger comfort, Toyota and Mahindra lead the Indian car industry and here Mahindra sets new example to give six person seating capacity in micro-SUV car without any kind of discomfort.

Not just ample seating capacity, the M&M 2016 New KUV100 also offers sufficient leg room, hand rest, ankle room, shoulder room, headroom, and backrest with quality seat material and advanced human back friendly shape. Not over here. What about the luggage storage? If six persons will travel together, is the car capable to store their luggage? Of course, yes. The boot space is massive and also storage compartment it offers for miscellaneous item, car papers, water bottle, charger, etc. storage. Passenger and driver can manually adjust their seat for better seating position.

Comparative price tag, high ground clearance, sporty look, mFALCON new engine, best in class mileage, spacious interior, elegant colours, and seating capacity are plus point of this upcoming Mahindra micro SUV car. On the whole it is ideal for long trip and passenger utility vehicle. Even tourist industry can buy this vehicle due to its better mileage, new look, and seating capacity to attract new generation Indian and foreign tourists. Take few steps towards Mahindra Showroom to convert your dream into truth.  

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