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Maruti Suzuki Swift has been on the market for a very long time, however, with the introduction of the Dzire variant the demand went up and just a few months back, with the new facelift that Maruti Suzuki gave the car, it has been on the list of top 10 selling cars in India today. The car comes with excellent boot space and excellent overall looks.

Maruti Suzuki Dzire

Maruti Suzuki Dzire Price in India

Maruti Suzuki Dzire is the new automobile from the renowned brand of automobiles of Maruti. The car has already been launched in India and has been serving satisfactorily to the teeming population of the country. Maruti Suzuki Dzire price in India was initially quoted at an extremely affordable value of Rs 5.43 lakhs. This price was quoted in the country capital of New Delhi. However, it must be noted that the waiting period for the car was over and the brand experienced a huge demand from prospective buyers.

The Ins and Outs of Maruti Suzuki Dzire price in India

Witnessing a phenomenal demand from prospective buyers, the renowned automobile brand of Maruti has released not one but as many as 6 variants of Maruti Suzuki Dzire. All the variants are available in Petrol as well as Diesel consumption capacity. The diesel variants include LDI, VDI, AMT VDI, ZDI, AMT ZDI, ZDI Plus and AMT ZDI Plus. Among all these variants the top selling one is the VDI which is priced at Rs 7.28 lakhs. The LDI is priced at the lowest among all the diesel variants at Rs 6.44 lakhs while the most expensive diesel variant is the AMT ZDI Plus which is priced at Rs 9.39 lakhs. The 7 petrol variants include the VXI, LXI, AMT VXI, ZXI, AMT ZXI, ZXI plus, AMT ZXI Pus. Among all these variants, the VXI priced at Rs 6. 27 lakhs is the top-selling model. The LXI is the least expensive model priced at Rs 5. 43 lakhs and the AMT ZXI Plus is the most costly model priced at Rs 8. 37lakhs.

CSD Price of Maruti Suzuki Dzire in India

You might be aware of goods like toiletries and cosmetics or stationery items being sold at a subsidized rate at the Canteen Stores Departments otherwise known as CSD. Well, these Canteen Stores Departments also aid in buying cars through authorized automobile dealers. There are 34 CSD depots across the country and if you wish to buy a car you can contact the nearest depot. The good news is that CSD price for cars has undergone a few changes. The previously excluded models of SUVs like the Toyota Fortuner and Hyundai have been included in the list now. Post GST, CSD prices have been revised significantly leading to a reduction in car prices. The present CSD price for the Maruti Suzuki Dzire is priced within a range of Rs 6.96 lakhs to Rs 7.5 lakhs.

Maruti Suzuki Dzire Specification

The first car is always an emotional rollercoaster where the emotions get amplified. Maruti cars are used widely, due to their services, attractive price package, designs, and car models. The boot space of Maruti Suzuki Dzire is a very promising feature. Maruti Suzuki Dzire boot space is attractive and sufficient.

Swift Dzire accommodates sufficient luggage

Maruti Suzuki Dzire has gained popularity due to comfortable travelling arrangements. The boot space of the car plays a very vital role. You need to check on the boot space of a particular car, which matters a lot while you travel. A car with no boot space will restrict outings and comfortable travelling. Swift desire comes along with very decent storage, which makes travel easy.

Importance of boot space in the car

The boot space is the space that loads the entire luggage while you travel. It is situated at the back of the Maruti Swift Dzire. Specifically, the boot place is located just at the back of the rear seat. Boot space is measured in litres and based on that you need to choose your car.

Boot space specification of Maruti Dzire

Maruti Suzuki Dzire fulfils all the criteria of space; hence boot space capacity is also satisfying. The boot space in Maruti Swift Dzire is, measured 316 litres, which is a very decent one. The space of the Swift Dzire keeps changing, as the model changes. The maruti swift Dzire VXI+ has boot space which is exceeding 378litres. Space which is available is sufficient for any weekend luggage. With Maruti Suzuki Dzire you have the potential to plan the frequent weekend and carry luggage in a hassle free way.

Swift Dzire is used by picnic lovers and work related to people. As their work demands outings and trips, swift Dzire provides them with a comfortable ride. Swift Dzire is gaining enough popularity, serving mankind with comfortable rides.

Maruti Suzuki Dzire Colors

If you are confused as to which car to buy come here for the solution. As far as the service is concerned the cars of Maruti Suzuki provides the best service. Their brand-new launch Maruti Suzuki Dzire provides you best service at the most reasonable price. The car is spacious and very suitable for you. In addition to all the other specifications, Maruti Suzuki Dzire colours are the best. There are a wide variety of colours/ the colours are also very elegant and give your car a sophisticated look. The company has kept in mind to give unique colors. So that your car does not become very common.

The look of a car is very important and while we are talking about looks the first thing that comes to our mind is the color. The color should be modern as well as sober. Various shades of the same color can be used to give your car a dashing look. This same strategy has been applied for Maruti Suzuki Dzire. The colors are kept the same but the experiment has been done with the shades. The main colors in which Maruti Suzuki Dzire is available are as follows:

Choose the best Maruti Swift Dzire Color

From the above colors you can see that unique shades have been added to the conventional colors. Silver colored cars are very famous but you have an option there also you can either go for a silky silver color a lighter shade or the darker grey shade too. If you like light colored cars then silky silver and pearl white are the best choices for you. Sherwood Brown is a completely new, unique color which is quite famous. The normal white color gave way to the pearl white colour. The Oxford blue and the gallant red color is very famous among the young generation. Metallic finish and shimmer have also been added to the color to give it an elegant look.

Maruti Suzuki Dzire Interior

The new and the latest model of the automobile from the renowned and established brand of Maruti is something that could very well be your dream car. Furnished with the latest technologies and equipments, the brand Maruti has taken care of almost all your desires in the brand new Maruti Dzire. A journey and glance through the Maruti Suzuki Dzire interior would surely mesmerize you.

The basics for the starters

The very first thing that everyone would notice is that the new model is certainly a lot more spacious so that you are at ease with all your friends and relatives. The second surprise is the one for the tech-savvy generation. The models are well equipped with a touch screen infotainment which takes the car to another level as compared to its other rivals. The dashboard is pretty conventional with the layered design and the AC vents having a traditional rectangular look. The best part of the otherwise conventional dashboard is that the top part has a shade of grey in order to the minimum reflection of the windscreen and the lower part is coloured a beige. The entire interior boasts of a highly elegant wood finish including the door panels and the steering wheels.

The other minute details

Space has been made for two cup holders in the central console and there is also a cubby hole with 12-volt sockets and USB/AUX ports. The interior is roomy as the distance between the wheels has been increased. The seats are of fabric and come with two upholstery options. The rear of an automobile becomes pretty hot and stuffy despite the presence of an air conditioner in a country with a tropical climate like India. This problem has been solved by having a mid mount AC vent which is again adjustable. The interior of Maruti Suzuki Dzire is certainly what every Indian dream of.

Maruti Suzuki Dzire Exterior

The original Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire has dropped the Swift from its name and not only this, the Maruti Suzuki Dzire has appeared in a whole new avatar with a mesmerizing exterior. The exterior is something that hails a new era of aspirations and dreams. The Maruti Suzuki Dzire exterior could well be a concretization of all your dreams.

Glimpses of the dazzling exterior

The first thing that is noticed by all and sundry is the extremely attractive design of the new model. The previous disproportionate design is no more there. The latest design is like a music that flows uninterruptedly from the bonnet to the boot. The car roof forms a wonderful arch to blend imposingly into the compact boot. The now more pronounced shoulder line adds a masculine character to the car. This gives a more sedan and SUV like look to the car. The look of the car is very vibrant with the A pillar and the grill which is shaped in a polygon.

Other aspects of the exterior

The new model has introduced a very important energy saving feature in the form of LED Day time running lamps. However, these lamps are available in the top variants only. But it must be noted that the LED tail lamps are there present in all the variants. The car has lost a lot of weight too. The material used is high tensile steel and there is the introduction of new safety measures too. The wheelbase is 2450 mm and 44 mm wider than the older model. The top trim boasts of a 45 inches wheel made of alloy and this adds a significant amount of flair to the entire design. The look is thus very comprehensive and speaks of glamour capable of challenging the competitors of the market.

Maruti Suzuki Dzire Mileage

If you are thinking to buy a car you obviously have thought about its color and the way it will look. At certain instances, some people even select the models. But rethink your decisions again. While buying a car the most important criteria for selecting the car should be its mileage. The better mileage a car provides the better service you shall get. Maruti Suzuki Dzire mileage specifications are sure to blow your mind away. Before buying a car, you should be clear whether you want to buy a diesel or a petrol car. If your car is likely to run a lot then only go for a diesel engine or else a petrol engine is better.

Mind-blowing specifications of the New Maruti Dzire

You should choose the new Maruti Suzuki Dzire for its exceptional mileage specification. The car provides a mileage higher than average. The engine is 1.0L turbocharged booster jet.

  • Petrol Engine – The average mileage for a petrol engine is 22 kmpl. The engine displacement is 1.2 L K-series petrol. The power is 84 PS. The torque is 115 Nm. The transmission is 5-speed manual.
  • Diesel Engine – The average mileage for a diesel engine is 28.4 kmpl. The engine displacement is 1.3 l DDiS diesel. The power is 75 PS. The torque is 190 Nm. The transmission is 5-speed manual.

Know more about the engine

The engine displacement is 1244 cc. the maximum power is 74 [email protected] 4000 rpm. The turning radius is 4.8 meters and there are for cylinders. A turbocharger is provided and there are four valves per cylinder. The fuel supply system is CRDI. The gearbox is of 5 speeds and the steering gear type is Rack and Pinion. The top models are likely to give a mileage of 26.4 kmpl. In the congested cities, the mileage is likely to be around 24.4 kmpl. In the highways, the mileage may reach 28.4 kmpl.

Maruti Suzuki Dzire Top Speed 

The most preferred brand for sedan cars in India is Maruti Suzuki. The best selling model is DZire. The brand has been delivering dream cars for domestic and commercial purpose since its advent. The Dzire version is no different. Every single expectation is met with precision by this model and that also within a feasible price range. It has multiple variants that start with LXI and ends with the ZDI models. Incorporated with exclusive features, Maruti Suzuki DZire is what you need for your family or business.

Brilliant specifications

What can be better than a sedan pricing around INR 6 Lac yet deliver utmost comfort and mileage of almost 28 kilometres per litre? The new generation of this model was launched back in 16th May this year. The LDI model has a powerful 1.3 L 74 BHP 16 V DDiS engine that offers a displacement of 1248 cc. The specs vary as per the models though but all of them offer a huge power that can take the highest speed level to a whopping 165 kilometres per hour. Despite having a 1.2 L engine and running on diesel, this is an impressive figure to ponder.

Top speed for the fast life

The impressive engine is enough to fire up the beast on the road. Maruti Suzuki DZire top speed reaches up to 165 km/hour. The 5-seater sedan has front wheel drive type feature and has become a lot lighter than its ancestors. The 165/80R14 tubeless tyres handle the pressure and torsion on the road pretty well and balance the car to achieve the impressive speed in no time. Providing a fuel tank of capacity 37 litres, the Dzire model is the ideal car for families as well as commercial purposes. The petrol variant offers 61KW of power whereas the diesel variant offers 55KW. Considering the top speed, this is the perfect choice within the price range of INR 5 to 7 Lac.

Maruti Suzuki Dzire Dimension 

Maruti Suzuki is one of India’s oldest and most reputed automobile manufacturing companies. As times changed the quality of their cars kept improving. In the modern generation, Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire is arguably one of their most famous creations. This year Maruti Suzuki launched their third generation DZire which is significantly different from its former self. The Maruti Suzuki DZire dimension is very different from its former self. Even though it is not the only major difference between the 2 cars, but it cannot be ignored either.

Length and Width

The new Maruti Suzuki DZire is now lighter and bigger with more performance.  It is 85 to 95 kg’s lighter than the model it replaces. The total length of the car hasn’t changed from before and hence remains at 3995mm. The wheelbase of the car has increased by 40 mm to 2470 mm. Hence the new model comes with more leg space and comfort for all its passengers. This makes the car longer than many sedans but it is still shorter than Ford Figo Aspire which is at 2491mm. The width of the car is a significant change. The width of the car has increased by 40mm to 1735mm making it the widest car in this segment. This is mainly due to the change in design in the front.

Height and Ground Clearance

Maruti Suzuki has reduced the height of the new DZire from the older version by 40mm and it stands at a height of 1515mm. Even the ground clearance of the car has been reduced by 7mm to 163mm. The reduction in height makes the car look more proportional to its size and adds more stability. Lesser the height of the car more is the stability due to cog being closer to the ground.

The new 2017 DZire is built on a new chassis which is used in Baleno. Due to this change in chassis, the car has been built with new dimensions. Overall, the change in dimensions makes the car look sporty and classy at the same time.

Maruti Suzuki Dzire Seating Capacity

A car comes with a lot of wishes, and being an appropriate first-time buyer is not easy, and it is filled with uncertainties. Well, Maruti Suzuki desire transforms these uncertainties into joy! Maruti Suzuki Dzire seating capacity offers 2+3 comfortable seating layout.

Maruti- the comfortable spacious sedan

Maruti, the reputed company is serving mankind with sedans. Dzire is a very reasonable price with a lot of attractive features. The six variants of Maruti desire namely the VXI ZXI, ZXI+, VDI, and ZDI, all are doing great. Each of the cars is filled with plush opulent interiors, the AGS technology, superior engine, space, comfortable seat. Maruti Suzuki Dzire offers comfortable and joyful rides.

The fantastic seating specifications

Maruti Suzuki Dzire comes with a very comfortable sitting capacity. The cars are very spacious, and the interiors are designed in such a way that you get enough seating space. It is a compact sedan catering seat for 5 footers, including the driver seat. The 5 seaters are particularly designed in such a way, that 5 people are comfortable while they travel. Cars are meant to provide a convenient and comfortable journey and desire fits exactly well.

Exquisite spacious sitting layout

Maruti Suzuki Dzire is much bigger and wider. Maruti has specifically designed the car in such a way that it meets all the growing demands. In the whole of the sedan segment, Dzire is recognised as the widest. So, be it any occasion, get together, parties, picnic or day outs, 5 people can get along comfortably in Maruti desire. Enough space is available that accommodates 5 to 6 footers, though the seating layout is 2+3. The front space of the car is great, offering spacious legroom.

Maruti Swift Dzire, the compact sedan is available with attractive and comfortable features at just 5.45lakhs.

Maruti Suzuki Dzire Boot Space 

The first car is always an emotional rollercoaster where the emotions get amplified. Maruti cars are used widely, due to their services, attractive price package, designs, and car models. The boot space of Maruti Suzuki Dzire is a very promising feature. Maruti Suzuki Dzire boot space is attractive and sufficient.

Swift Dzire accommodates sufficient luggage

Maruti Suzuki Dzire has gained popularity due to comfortable travelling arrangements. The boot space of the car plays a very vital role. You need to check on the boot space of a particular car, which matters a lot while you travel. A car with no boot space will restrict outings and comfortable travelling. Swift desire comes along with very decent storage, which makes travel easy.

Importance of boot space in the car

The boot space is the space that loads the entire luggage while you travel. It is situated at the back of the maruti swift Dzire. Specifically, the boot place is located just at the back of the rear seat. Boot space is measured in litres and based on that you need to choose your car.

Boot space specification of Maruti Dzire

Maruti Suzuki Dzire fulfils all the criteria of space; hence boot space capacity is also satisfying. The boot space in Maruti Swift Dzire is, measured 316 litres, which is a very decent one. The space of the Swift Dzire keeps changing, as the model changes. The Maruti Swift Dzire VXI+ has boot space which is exceeding 378litres. Space which is available is sufficient for any weekend luggage. With Maruti Suzuki Dzire you have the potential to plan the frequent weekend and carry luggage in a hassle free way.

Swift Dzire is used by picnic lovers and work related to people. As their work demands outings and trips, swift Dzire provides them with a comfortable ride. Swift Dzire is gaining enough popularity, serving mankind with comfortable rides.

Planning for a new hatchback, Check out all-new ready to buy models from Maruti Suzuki in India in 2019. India’s most reliable car brand is all set for its 2019 journey, are you? They have best selling Ignis, Jimny, Cervo, Regina, Baleno RS and Wagon R MPV to delight many Indian families. Different car segments, advanced features, excellent specifications, appealing look and many more are on the way. This article is all about Best Selling hatchback Cars from Maruti in India in the year 2019.

Maruti Suzuki Ignis

Ignis hatchback has been introduced at Auto Expo. This much awaited Maruti car comes with CVT automatic gearbox (in petrol variant) and 4WD setup to stay ahead in the competition. New Maruti Ignis is powered by 1.2 L K12B Petrol engine and 1.3 L DDis Diesel engine. Wheelbase and ground clearance are respectively 2435mm and 180mm. To drive this sub-4 metre crossover car home, you will have to pay around 5 to 7 Lakh.  

Maruti Suzuki Jimny

Upcoming Maruti Jimny is new hope for Gypsy fans. New Jimny is more advanced in comparison with Gypsy and so many happy buyers are enjoying it in several countries these days. Now it’s the turn of India, Maruti Suzuki India bringing Jimny SUV in 2019 with 1.3 L engine for lively performance with 85PS power. As per user reviews and car experts, Jimny Car is awesome off-road machine and plenty of young buyers are waiting for its launch in India. The most expected price for this upcoming car is 6 to 9 Lakh.

Maruti Suzuki Cervo

Wait, don’t buy used car due to the budget issue, As in 2019, Maruti Suzuki India bringing a budget-friendly Cervo car which is entry level compact hatch and seems much better in compare of Tata Nano, Hyundai Eon and other budget cars. Maruti’s successful 800 models is not availed in the car market, but here they are bringing the same ease and trust with some modern features in Cervo. Those who are planning for a small & budget car must go for Cervo’s drive test. This 660cc and 60bhp power capable car will be available in between 2.5 to 4.5 Lakh.

Maruti Regina

Without any doubt, we can call this upcoming car, a classy car. New Maruti Regina Car is creative concept car and will come in the Indian market in 2019 with awesome body graphics. Exterior colour and awesome interior are the plus point of this forthcoming car which will provide a perfect option for youth who like something funky. All new Regina will come with Turbo Petrol engine and CVT option. That’s not all. New Maruti Regina sounds excellent in the matter of fuel economy, so get ready for the long drive in your small car. 5 to 6 Lakh is the most expected price tag for this stylish small car.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno RS

New Baleno went success in the Indian market and there is a remarkable waiting going on. The carmaker has increased production to reduce waiting and now they are bringing Maruti Suzuki Baleno RS with 6-speed automatic transmission and Booster et engine. In the new Baleno RS model, you will get something more than the regular model. Several exterior features will be added while no major changes in the interior. This car is all set to set new standards of the premium hatch in India with the unmatched trust of Maruti. The Baleno RS India coming model will provide 112bhp power which is indeed awesome in hatch segment. Get ready for the style, comfort and performance, double dynamic Baleno RS is on the way. 8 to 10 Lakh is the most expected price for this new coming car.

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R MPV

So many buyers are happy with Original Wagon R. Maruti India wants to carry this trust and going to provide this car in the MPV segment, means, 7-seater. Now a big family can enjoy Wagon R too. Tall hatch is going to be long for better seating capacity and comfort. Maruti India will take care of the smart seating arrangement, roomy interior, sufficient boot space, second & third row’s comfort and many other small things. The most expected price is in between 5 to 6 Lakh. If this price tag will come, it will shake the market of MPV. Those who trust in Maruti brand doesn’t care for the price as they know, they are going to buy future proof and less maintenance car in compare of other cars.   

Maruti Suzuki is providing more and more product varieties in the Indian car market to carry on its portfolio and trust. Here, it’s all about upcoming Maruti Suzuki Ignis. This sub-compact concept car will give tough competition to Mahindra KUV100 and upcoming mini SUVs in India in between 2016 to 2020. Those who do not want to buy a big family SUV car would like to go for mini-SUV and if Maruti gives it, then it is much better to trust in India. We provide you new Ignis features, price in India, specifications, engine details, pictures, expert reviews, test drive reviews, mileage details, interior, exterior, boot space, ground clearance, dimensions and everything you need to know.  

Maruti Suzuki IGNIS

IGNIS Price in India

Maruti Suzuki Ignis Car price in India will be very comparative as per major sources, but the final price of Ignis will be declared in Feb Delhi Auto Expo. So far, Maruti had offered very affordable prices in India for hatchbacks, sedans, compact crossovers, and mini SUVs. Once again, they are bringing a smart next-generation product called Ignis which is shaped on a new platform with a new engine to give better mileage and performance with top speed and good pick-up. The price tag of Ignis will affect many cars available in the Indian car market and upcoming car models in India during because it offers almost everything what one mid-range Indian car buyer want to purchase without missing the latest car trend.

Around INR 5 Lakh, you will get the base model of Ignis in India. As per car experts, this is a very smart and affordable price tag which will attract plenty of potential car buyers in India. Length helps the carmaker to keep the price down than its rivals. Though it is a small & tall boy, inside the cabin, you will get good comfort. In Japan, so many consumers have become happy with new Ignis, launched recently in Japan. Now it is our turn to enjoy this Ignis concept car with 18-inch stylish wheels, new chrome grille and much more details which give the car an overall good look.

Get ready for the all-new India Ignis by Suzuki Maruti. Keep eyes on launching and bookings before the price hike. A good car and good price get-together in form of Ignis SUV! Don’t miss it if you are planning your first or next car.

IGNIS Specification

Mini Crossover Maruti Suzuki Ignis concept, specification, new platform and a new engine, all set for India and will be showcased at Auto Expo, India Motor Show. Herein, we introduce all-new Maruti Ignis Car to India with its accurate on-road prices, ex-showroom prices, variants, specifications, key features, engine, mileage, CSD price list, boot space, ground clearance, dimensions, facelift, cruise control, seating capacity, interior, exterior and pictures to give clear idea about this India upcoming Maruti car which is affordable mini SUV and could give solid competition to Mahindra’s recent car, KUV100 and Ford EcoSport.

If you are a car enthusiastic and able to reach to Delhi, then you may visit the Auto Expo from February 5. By Tokyo Motor Show India got the hint of this car and it is currently under production and tested successfully in the production plant of Maruti Suzuki India. After Feb Delhi Auto Expo, the carmaker will launch it by choosing the right time and Ignis concept is well set keeping budget friendly Indian car buyers and new generation youth in mind with advanced specifications that one ideal compact SUV should have.

After India, it will be launched on a global platform. Gradually Nexa Dealership giving better and better car shopping experience in India and this car will add value and give reason to consumers to visit the nearby Nexa showroom. Dimension wise perfect Ignis will come with 1 L turbocharged Booster et or 1.3 L DDiS diesel engine, and 1.2 L DualJet petrol engine. Ignis crossover car sounds good looker and mileage friendly too. Bookings will be open very soon for the Suzuki Ignis, so be ready to drive Ignis home.   

IGNIS Features

Maruti Suzuki Ignis features ideally match to its new concept, platform and engine. The most awaited Maruti Ignis is well designed with modern features by keeping mid-range car dreams of Indian folks and it will work in upcoming days because Maruti is very popular car maker in India and people do trust on its products. Good mileage and the affordable price tag could be the plus points of this upcoming Maruti Suzuki car in India and car experts say it holds all basic features and few advanced features with safety features in a simple style that makes this car distinct.     

India coming Suzuki Ignis car features new generation petrol and diesel engine, front-wheel drive layout (optional all-wheel-drive system), touchscreen system for information & entertainment purpose, large front grille, LED headlights, large wheelbase, manual transmission, clam-shell bonnet, cool look, light in weight yet good in handling and stability, blacked-out A & B pillars, sparkle wheel arches, sufficient boot space, tailgate-mounted spoiler, simple interior, better seating comfort and many more small things that make this car just perfect compact crossover for India.

Along with general car features, new Ignis also offers quality safety features with airbags, impressive braking system, stability control, quality suspensions and others. Who likes Maruti Swift, VW polo and EcoSport, will definitely like the new cool Ingis by Suzuki Maruti. It is more than average compact crossover which is designed on a new concept and platform to give something worth to the new generation of India at a remarkable price. Book a driving test for new Ignis and enjoy its simplicity and decide it is a car for your family or not.     

IGNIS Interior

From Interior colour to Interior details, all-new India bound Maruti Ignis sounds amazing. When it comes down to Maruti Suzuki Ignis Interior, we can say, it is simply beautiful and spacious enough to enjoy every ride with great comfort. The Compact X SUV Ignis is ideal for on-road and off-road and its concept is dedicated to a new generation and that’s why it is in the waiting list in India with the trust of Maruti. This sub-4m crossover will come with very smart affordable price tag to give solid competition to Mahindra KUV100 and other compact SUVs doing well in the Indian car market.

India new Maruti Ignis Car Interior features four A/C vents at front, touch screen information & entertainment system, simple dashboard with exterior colour shade, heated front seats, engine start-stop button, power steering with audio controls and cruise control, storage box, power window buttons, music system, 12V outlet, USB port, and many other things with great simplicity and usability. The roomy dual-tone interior of India-bound Suzuki Ignis offers sufficient leg room, shoulder room, head room, and hip room so that you can enjoy your seat and ride. For Interior, all-new Ignis offers several customization options so you can go for the best Interior theme you wish in your new Ignis car.

On the whole, the cabin of new Maruti India Ignis car is just perfect with quality and all basics interior details that one mid-range compact SUV should have. Japan Suzuki Ignis Model is well admired by car experts and even by critics, India will enjoy very soon India dedicated Ignis model with almost the same details to Japanese variants. Keep eyes on launching date in India and book your new Ignis before others do it.  

IGNIS Exterior

Let’s get a closer look at the new India Maruti Suzuki Ignis Exterior. The exterior design of this subcompact SUV is better, not just good and not the best. The Maruti Ignis Exterior can attract wise consumers in India who give the same importance to look, performance and mileage. Exterior styling needs a better shade when it is for a car and that is exactly Ignis offering with a good exterior colour range to meet young generation, typical colour pickers and professional shades to use the car for company purpose. Maruti Suzuki Ignis Hybrid is capable enough to tackle on roads and off-road, so its exterior should be, and it is.

Suzuki Next, we can justify this word with new-generation platform based exterior design of new Suzuki Maruti Ignis car which features higher ground clearance, stunning 18 inch big alloy wheels, distinct rear profile, attractive front face with nice projector headlamps, chrome lined grille, first-class bonnet, blacked out A & B pillars, attractive wheel arches, windscreen wiper on rear glass, black-inserted bumpers, rear mounted spoiler, smart turn indicators, antenna, and many good details with quality of Suzuki trusted by millions.     

In very brief, India Coming to new Ignis sub-compact SUV offers good look with the simple yet better exterior styling. No extra stuffing, just pure mini-SUV with India street match details and ability to perform in all weather condition. It offers many good reasons to drive it home and exterior layout is one of them. In compare to other sub-compact SUVs in India it looks a little bit distinct and powerful with boldness and assurance of performance. Book a driving test at Maruti Nexa dealer in India and experience new generation sub-compact SUV car.


Let’s know what colours Maruti Suzuki will offer for its new Ignis compact crossover India model. As per latest news, Ignis is all set to launch in Japan in February and then India launch will be scheduled soon. India bound brand new Ignis will come in exterior colours such as new orange, new blue, light yellow, dark red, white, and silver. All shades match perfectly to its trail concept. This urban crossover by Maruti Suzuki sounds perfect in a matter of colours. Some young people are excited about its white exterior shade which looks amazing with orange body stripes and attractive accents on the wheel spokes.

In a matter of car exterior and interior shades, now people of India have become very choosy and that’s why only white or silver colour is not enough to target youth and major car buyers. Maruti is an experienced player and knows this thing very well and that’s why it offers a good colour range for its new upcoming Ignis concept car so that different people can get the shade as per their choice and personality. White is a common choice in India but Ignis adds a sporty touch with little bit orange and red in white. Also, you will get pure white shade for a new India Ignis car model.

Along with better colour options, new Ignis will offer you many more good things inside out. Roomy yet the simple interior of this micro-SUV shows good simplicity inside with basic features, functions and comfort level. On the whole, you will not disappoint with Ignis in a matter of exterior colour options.

IGNIS Review

India New Maruti Suzuki Ignis reviews, details, specs and features are here. Let’s know what users, experts and car maker say about new India bound Ignis model with their reviews. Car comparison and reviews have become a very important thing these days and potential buyers search these things over the Internet before visiting the car showroom and they should because they are after all going to purchase a car. We compare a five or six thousand mobile phone with other models, then why not a car? This platform will provide you genuine user reviews, first look reviews, critics reviews and comments over the social media related to new Suzuki Ignis, which is ready to launch in Japan, India and in many other countries.

Car experts of India say, Ignis is a new example of the practical car at a believable price for highly demanded car segment of India and it will definitely work. Critics are happy with its new engine, new light-weight platform and super fuel-efficiency. One person from Japan says, he is doing a job in a mobile company and planning a family car. After searching and watching many cars, finally, he wants to go for new Suzuki Ignis due to its all-rounder performance, better look, and very good mileage.      

One person from India says he wants to buy a family car price ranging 6 to 7 lakh. When he heard about Maruti Ignis he erased other models from the mind as he trusts on Maruti brand. Once the Ignis car will run on Indian tracks, we will provide you user reviews. In brief, many mid-range people are waiting for the new Ignis. Visit nearest Nexa dealer showroom to ask about new Ignis, or book a driving test in advance.


Get India-bound Suzuki Ignis bhp, horsepower and performance details with this online car information provider platform. Maruti Suzuki is all set to launch new Ignis concept car in India which is a compact crossover and ideally fit in sub-4 metre SUV car segment. It is expected with 110 bhp with 1.2 litres or 1 L petrol engine. The 110bhp power is really good in its type and this means, if you select the all-wheel-drive variant, you will enjoy both on-roads and off-roads with some serious power and stability. For city streets, you may go for a standard front wheel drive system. For India Ignis model we can expect 1.2-litre K-series petrol engine and 1.3-litre DDiS diesel engine.

In Feb Auto Expo, the new Ignis will be showcased and there is a chance to reveal more official features and engine details. Few car experts say India Ignis version will provide likely 90 bhp power. Mahindra has recently launched its KUV100 compact crossover in the Indian car market. Maruti knows the market very well so it will try to provide a whole new engine for its India Ignis car to get better bhp and torque power and put the close competitors behind.

If we talk about International Ignis model, the carmaker gives assurance of handling and tackling snow roads and normal roads. India also holds different types of tracks and new Ignis is just perfect to tackle them with great ease. Behind the wheel, the driver will get hassle-free driving and handling ease, while passengers will enjoy the comfortable ride. We do not support a particular car brand, but we would like to recommend new Ignis as it is budget friendly micro-SUV with good features and mileage.   

IGNIS Boot Space

Boot space or boot volume is remarkable for India-bound Maruti Suzuki Ignis car, coming soon in India in. Luggage storage space is an important thing in the car and with Ignis it is not an issue. The new Suzuki Ignis compact crossover car will offer likely 260 litres of boot space where you can very easily store the luggage bags. If the car is not full with all passengers, you may fold down the rear seat to get extra space around 415 litres. Be ready for the long trip, don’t compromise on purchase new things only due to storage issue, it offers complete car luggage storage solution.

260 litres boot space is considered well in its type. Though it is not long as seven seater cars, still it offers noteworthy boot space. In a matter of family cars, Maruti Suzuki is popular in India and once again it will prove this thing with its new Ignis mini SUV which has become the talk of Indian car industry because of its good look, roomy interior, simplicity, better bhp power and last but not least, its fuel economy. It is not a luxury compact crossover, but it holds exactly what current generation is looking for at some good price.

Bookings will start very soon in India for new Ignis SUV. Also, later on, there are chances to launch this car for Canteen store department with an extra discounted price for selected categories. More news and updates we will provide you for Maruti Ignis so that you can follow it ideally and bring it home at right time before others. Schedule a test drive for Ignis and realise a new product of Suzuki Maruti India.   

IGNIS Battery

India model Suzuki Maruti Ignis battery is ideal for a next-generation compact crossover with advanced technical specifications. Know about Maruti Ignis battery specs and battery replacement options. The battery of all-new Ignis SUV car will come with 12 Volts and capacity likely 40 Ah and CCA around 330 A. As per Indian car experts, the battery of all-new Ignis car is high performing which is designed smartly in order to produce more than sufficient power to deal with any weather condition. It is a modern sub-compact SUV car with advanced electrical functions and use, and the battery is capable enough to deliver power for it.

With a new car, the standard battery comes, but nothing is permanent. After a few years, battery replacement is necessary to carry on the overall better car performance. This platform will help you find out the best online car battery comparison and providers so that you can choose the right battery for your Ignis in future. Having good battery in this car, you will enjoy the ease of engine start whatsoever the condition outside as well as easily operate the battery-related functions, power windows, 12 V outlet, lighter, dashboard, headlamps, interior lights, horn, etc.

This most awaiting budget yet innovative and stylish compact crossover car is stunning with new generation battery, higher ground clearance, large wheelbase, ideal length to save on extra taxes, spacious interior, comfortable seating arrangement, better boot space, and in a matter of safety features. On the whole, it is versatile and capable to deliver enjoyable ride with SUV features and stance. Book your Ignis variant model today and get delivery when it launched in India showroom.


Under Nexa dealership, Suzuki is all set to launch its new Maruti Ignis in India in with stunning power and engine displacement (cc). Engine capacity for all-new India Ignis model will be likely 1330 cc and it will produce around 110 bhp power to give quality power needed to deal both on roads and off-roading. For Ignis, Maruti Suzuki India brought all-new platform and engine to make the car light-weight and easy to handle with amazing stability and happy to wallet mileage. It is modern new-gen mini-SUV and it offers a little bit extra power than routine hatchbacks.

To enjoy the power of Ignis, you may choose all-wheel drive system which is optional, while it will come with standard front-wheel drive option. It has big, strong and stylish wheels to give the best company to its good power on city streets, highways and rough landscapes. When you are going to pay more than five lakhs for a car, your expectation obviously raises for the car power, stability, look and safety. The new Ignis, India-bound model is ideal and meets all the requirements what one perfect India dedicated compact crossover should have.  

As per car experts, engine displacement, power, and torque of new India Ignis Maruti car are just right and meet the International car standards to give a class performance in any condition and almost all tracks. Be ready with the high seating position, take a vintage look from your seat and enjoy each ride with premium comfort and best driving ease. Book a test drive to judge the new product of Maruti in India, called Ignis SUV.

IGNIS Cruise Control

Is India-bound new Maruti Ignis is cruise control ready? Yes. The all-new subcompact SUV will come with an advanced cruise control system which is very helpful for driver. This feature is not new anymore in India because many car manufacturers offer it in above 5 lakh price cars in India. Generally, this system comes with speed limiter where the driver can go for the constant fixed speed and give the rest to his or her legs. Next-generation cars give maximum ease to driver and passengers. The good car is what gives you the ease of handling with peace of mind on every track.

Having Cruise Control system in Ignis, it will let you enjoy speed limiter facility and smart traffic following. We all know that, due to the increasing number of new vehicles, the traffic situation in India has become very serious. Once you stuck in heavy traffic, it is not easy to conquer until your ahead vehicle moves and we never know when we stuck in such traffic with our car and family. In such condition, cruise control helps you to drive smartly. It let you follow the ahead vehicle from your car smartly when it moves, your car will move, and when it stops, your car will stop.     

How to use cruise control is a big question for many novice car buyers. When you go for a test drive, you can ask the expert seat next to you and once you start using the system, within a week, you will be used to and can access with ease later on. Have a nice car!

IGNIS Dimensions

Let’s check out India Maruti Ignis dimension wise with accurate length, height, width, ground clearance, and wheelbase. It is sub-compact crossover by India’s favourite car maker Maruti Suzuki which sounds just perfect city smart dimensions and other technical specifications. You would like to drive it in city streets, open ways, off-roads and also it is easy to park in small space. However, it is small in size, but there is no compromise in seating capacity and comfort level, it offers a spacious interior with better seating comfort as well as luggage storage space, and that is the plus point of this car and it is great in a matter of mileage.

The all-new Ignis Maruti car measures 3700mm in length, 1595mm in height and 1660mm in width. As per standard measurement, it meets all dimension principles of sub-compact SUVs. It offers remarkable wheelbase of 2435mm and its ride height will be 180mm. Less than 4m length will help to down the prices in comparison of many other compact SUVs available in India. Along with better dimensions, this car is ready with a better turning radius which let you take a big and small turn with maximum ease.  

New Ignis India bound Maruti car will come with Bluetooth ready audio system, automatic headlights, LED fog lamps, cruise control system, Hill hold and descent control, airbags for total safety, lane warning, auto climate control, EBD and ESP. In few words, this car is an amazing family car with a new look, better average, safety, comfort and performance which is hard to say no for budget-friendly potential car buyers of India.

IGNIS Dashboard

Very simple style dashboard the new Maruti Ignis holds and meet the perfectly to its simple interior. The Maruti Suzuki Ignis dashboard cum control panel is ready with several buttons, easy to access and reach for driver and driver next seat. The dashboard layout of Ignis is not like luxury sedans and hatchbacks, but very plain with all basics functions which one standard car dashboard should have. To view rear camera, follow navigation and audio control, it comes with touch screen infotainment system which is on top in between two A/C vents.

Ignis sub-compact crossover dashboard offers audio control buttons, FM setting buttons, engine start-stop button, CD insert-eject button, Aux port, USB port, 12V outlet, small gear knob, and small storage space. Front of the driver, front of the steering wheel, it offers smart view speedometer and shows fuel status, mileage status, speed status and many other important signs which are essential to viewing by the driver. During night time, the dashboard offers mild light to find out the buttons and access.    

No consumer skips to another car model due to the dashboard. It is a very basic thing which not affect the consumers, but the main things are mileage, engine, performance, boot space, interior space, handling, safety and look. For all these, Ignis Maruti Car is noteworthy and that’s why this new generation product has become the talk of the town and coming very soon to hit the Indian tracks and to win the heart of many car buyers. If you are planning a family car for under seven lakh price, then stop, take a look at Ignis or contact to nearby Nexa Maruti Dealer in India.

IGNIS Engine Specification

Know Maruti Suzuki Ignis full engine specifications and other details you should need to know and compare before purchase the new Maruti Ignis SUV car in India. In a matter of engine specs, the India-bound Ignis will follow the Japanese variant because Suzuki doesn’t want to compromise for its trusted Indian car market. The India Ignis Maruti car will come with 1.25 L K12C DualJet petrol engine with 4 cylinders and exclusive hybrid technology called SHVS. The VVT engine displacement will be around 1245 CC and will generate 91PS power with 118 Nm max torque power. The car offer CVT gearbox and DC synchronous motor.

India bound Ignis will come with 2WD standard model and 4WD will be optional. For the 4WD drive system model, the car can be offered an automatic transmission. The more details will come out after Feb Delhi Auto Expo. Some car experts also say India will also get the 1.3-litre engine option. One thing is very clear about this car and it is its performance and mileage. With a powerful engine, Ignis will provide better pick-up, top speed, traction, bhp and torque power which indirectly affects the fuel economy.    

The DOHC 1.25 litre K12C engine holds the 16-valve unit and other smart Hybrid technology which gives a silent performance without unwanted engine noise. The engine specs and features are ideal to tackle almost every Indian tracks with great stability in all weather seasons. Pre-book your new Ignis car today and get early delivery when it launched in India. Contact Maruti Nexa showroom for booking a driving test of Ignis.  

IGNIS Facelift

First Maruti Suzuki Ignis had been launched in 2000 and its facelift models later on in Australia, Germany and Japan. Recently brand-new New Generation Suzuki Ignis sub-compact crossover has been launched in Japan, India will also get the brand new Ignis mini-SUV car with the next-generation platform, new engine and loads more positive energy to perform well in high competition packed SUV segment of India. In India, Ignis facelift is not possible right now, once people enjoy the new model and then if the carmaker wants to change through the facelift model, then it will be possible in future.

Ignis is not a new name in Japan, Australia, Germany and in many other Asian countries, but for India, it is coming first time with trust of Maruti and as per car experts it will cover the good car market in India because of its highly comparative price tag, great fuel-efficiency, new powerful engine and roomy interior. This online car information provider platform offers you Suzuki Ignis comparison, price details, features, engine details, tech specs, mileage, pictures, interior detail, exterior idea, dimensions, facelift info, seating capacity, CSD price, ground clearance, and latest news and updates.

From Maruti Suzuki, you will get Ertiga facelift and Vitara Grand Facelift. Also, car maker will offer new Swift, automatic WagonR, and new Alto with automatic transmission. Ignis will also provide you automatic transmission in high-end variant in India. Stay tuned for upcoming Maruti Cars in India and facelift car models by other car makers.

IGNIS Ground Clearance

In a matter of Ground Clearance, India-bound upcoming Maruti Ignis is well, so you no need to worry about it. This subcompact crossover by Suzuki offers ride height (ground clearance) of 180mm to tackle both on roads and off-roads with great care. Ride height is a very important factor when you are choosing a car in India because not every road is the same and you never know the road situation when you are in another city, state or village with your car. As per car experts, 180mm ground clearance of Ignis SUV is sufficient enough to keep enough space in between landscape and car’s bottom part.

Over the Youtube, we can see video advertise of the Japanese version of Ignis and it shows how the Ignis run over the city-streets and off-roads with great ease. Ground clearance height of this sub 4m car is a little bit extra than normal hatchbacks and a little bit less than big family SUVs. Very rare roads of India remains covered by snow, don’t worry, Ignis will run with amazing grip over the snowy tracks. Also, the car is very well in the matter of safety features which are the main concern of Indian car buyers. It offers active and passive safety with airbags, quality suspensions, and an advanced braking system.

India is all set to welcome new Maruti Ignis as it is coming with a smart price tag, good average and many other SUV standard features and technical specs. Maruti will launch the new Ignis India model through Nexa Dealership to give next level shopping experience to Maruti fans and potential car buyers who are going to join Maruti India family.

IGNIS Highest / Top speed

Well admired in Japan, Suzuki Ignis subcompact crossover is coming in India in with remarkable top speed and acceleration. Young generation gives a little bit extra importance to the car’s highest speed and pick-up while choosing the car. The next-generation dedicated, new platform based Maruti Ignis let you reach to around 185 km/h top speed with no additional engine sound and with great stability like a big SUV. The highest speed of the India-bound Ignis model is very good in its type and even car experts say, it is indeed good top speed to enjoy on open roads. Book a driving test and realise its speed and pick-up.

The amazing top speed of new Ignis is due to its powerful new K series engine. When it comes down to pick up, you can go for 0 to 100 km/h in around 9 seconds, car experts appreciate it! When we ask some people age in between 20 to 30 about new Ignis, they say if Maruti will give such a good pick up and highest speed, then they would love to purchase it without any doubt and they are also happy with its mileage. Now the thing is waiting for the car launch, plenty of potential buyers are waiting for Maruti Ignis Sub-compact SUV in India and car makers will give best shopping experience to India through its newly started Nexa Showrooms.

If you are planning a car nearby 6 lakh or 5 lakh, don’t skip it, you can also go through car loan EMI for this masterpiece of Maruti India. Company is very confident about this product and will showcase in Delhi Auto Expo and then launching countdown will begin for India.

IGNIS Mileage/Average

In India, consumers are ready to pay, but the first question comes, what is the average of the car? New Maruti Ignis gives the best answer through its best mileage. Why plenty of people love Maruti Brand for cars, good mileage is one of the many reasons and once again they are going to prove with subcompact SUV, called Suzuki Ignis. This compact crossover is lightweight and designed on the next-gen platform keeping demands of new generation car buyers in mind. India-bound Ignis will provide mileage likely 28 km/l, isn’t it great! Get ready for the family tour or long drive with friends.

Ignis is unmatched in a matter of fuel economy, but that’s not all. It is also a good looking, a performer with a better engine, top speed and stunning pick-up provider. It will join the Indian tracks with a good range of colours so that different buyers can choose the right shade as per their lifestyle or colour wish. When it comes down to Interior of Ignis, there is no space of worry with remarkable space inside for seating comfort as well as luggage storage ease. In city streets, you will get around 25 km/l average, which is much better in its type and a big challenge for its rivals micro and compact SUVs in India.

Due to its length, its price tag will be very affordable than other cars and it is no compromise kind subcompact SUV, also well appreciated in Japan. After India launch, Ignis will move to many other countries. Book a test drive today to check out its worthiness.  

IGNIS Models

Get details information on Ignis models and variants and what India will have in India-bound Maruti Ignis version. Very excitingly, plenty of Indians are waiting for this affordable yet innovative and mileage-friendly subcompact crossover car. Japan Model Ignis comes with three variants – MG, MZ and MX. India-bound Ignis will offer the same variants as per car experts with 1.25 L K12C petrol engine. The second thing you have to note about the model is driving options. In the standard model, the 2WD driving system you will find, while by paying a little bit extra you can go for a 4WD system which gives more power to all four wheels required to off-road.

Some novice consumers become confused for various models and variants, they should ask the salesmen available at Maruti dealer location or Nexa showroom for detail information. You should know the difference between various Ignis models before purchasing the car as a smart consumer. As per your need and budget, you can choose the model. The high-end variant of Ignis will come with hill assist, 4WD driving mode, automatic transmission, infotainment system, advanced braking system, complete safety features, cruise control system, rear parking camera, a navigation system, Bluetooth connectivity, heated front row seats, height adjustable driver seat, and automatic climate control.  

Along with Ignis information, this car platform provides you with smart car comparison by providing you pictures of various Maruti Ignis models and variants coming in India so that you can make your choice clear. Read and ask about further information and then decide for the right model of Ignis car.

IGNIS Seating Capacity

All-new, Maruti Suzuki Ignis will offer 5 person seating capacity. If four adults passengers do ride, then two kids can easily enjoy the ride. In very brief, the new Ignis is ideal for 5 to 6 passengers without compromising the seating comfort. Concept-based Ignis SUV comes with a roomy interior to let you enjoy the best comfortable ride with sufficient leg room, hip room, knee room, shoulder room, neck rest, backrest, and armrest. For front row, this subcompact crossover offers heated seats. All seats are made by quality materials and stitched beautifully to give a good look.

Seating capacity plays a big role when it comes down to the family car or passenger purpose car. In your family, if you have four members, then a two-seater car is not worth, all members could not ride together. The same, if in your family four members, then seven or eight seaters are not worth, it is a waste of money. Ideal family holds max 5 to 6 members and new Ignis is capable enough to give the best ride every time to 5 to 6 members without any kind of adjustment. Also, this car gives a sufficient luggage storage boot space, so no issue of luggage storage when you are on a long trip.

You can enjoy sedan and hatchback kind comfort now in mini SUV by paying less price and with SUV look and stance which has become a new trend nowadays in India. It has a simple yet good interior with a simple dashboard and power steering with cruise and audio control. Be ready for the on-road drive and off-roading with your new Ignis by Suzuki!    

Everyone is excited about the New 2019 Maruti Swift in the coming year. Maruti Swift first launched in 2005 is the biggest mainstream model that gained high-end popularity in a chart after its introduction. Maruti Swift becomes the best selling Maruti Suzuki hatchbacks ever in the country and it dominated the market. New-Generation Suzuki Swift 2019 is based on the HEART platform to give the lighter and more rigid compared to the current version. To overpower the model in this segment, Maruti made comprehensive design and styling changes according to the latest trend. With its premium look, New 2019 Maruti Swift will get amazing upmarket cabin gaining visible change in material quality and exterior finish.

Maruti Swift 2019

For sustain its dominance in the segment, New Suzuki Swift 2019 model arrives at the Indian shores. The ultimate courtesy four-generation global-spec model has been launched in Japan. Suzuki Swift is designed based on the HEART platform so it will be much safer when compared to the current model. With complying global and safety norms, New Suzuki Swift 2019 model will reach India soon.

Maruti Swift Release Date in India

Recently, 2019 Maruti Suzuki Swift has been launched in Japan and also made its European debut at ongoing Geneva Motor Show. In India, 2019 Maruti Suzuki Swift is about to be launched in the mid-2019 probably in August 2019.

2019 Maruti Swift Price in India

2019 Maruti Suzuki Swift is likely to be priced (Estimated) between Rs. 5.5 lakh to Rs 8 Lakh Maximum for the range topping variants. New 2019 Maruti Suzuki Swift could face challenges based on pricing less premium compared to Baleno as latter emerged as the NEXA’s top-seller with the brilliant numbers.

Best thing about Maruti car is that the pricing can be coupled with many other aspects for lower maintenance cost, low running cost and many others. New 2019 Maruti Suzuki Swift is a great value for money with higher performance.

Maruti Swift CSD Price

CSD or Canteen Stores Department offers the goods at the most subsidized rates. CSD pricing could be easier to assist in buying the cars available through the Authorized Car Dealership. The final Payment requisition processing could be easily done with CSD Depots.

Model – Prices

  • Maruti Swift Lxi – 4.4 Lakh
  • Swift Vxi – 5.1 Lakh
  • Swift Zxi – 5.9 Lakh
  • Swift Ldi – 5.4 Lakh
  • Swift Vdi – 6 Lakh
  • Swift Zdi – 6.9 Lakh

Maruti Swift 2019 Interior

2019 Maruti Suzuki Swift receives a new layout with the new styling and improved quality material. Interiors of new Maruti Suzuki Swift look sharper and sportier along with the stylish twin-pod instrument cluster. Touch screen infotainment unit is also enabled with the extensive Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Main vital changes in the 2019 Maruti Suzuki Swift is that new design dashboard along with the astounding contrasting trims infused with the contemporary looks.

New 3-spoke steering wheel along with the technology filled mounted control system enabled in the vehicle. New HVAC controls based on circular vents, and automatic climate control digital displays integrated enabled. 2 pod instrument dials with large MID also packed inside. Door and floor panels come with contrast trims giving more stylish look. New multi-spoke flat-bottom steering wheel and instrument panel with the revised HVAC controls brings the premium look.

  • Multi-spoke flat-bottom steering
  • Large two-pod instrument binnacle
  • Revised HVAC controls
  • Redesign dashboard
  • Upgraded AC system
  • Improved switches and knobs
  • Contrasting fabric stitches in door trims
  • New central tunnel and gearshift lever
  • Integrated Touch screen infotainment system
  • Bluetooth
  • Aux
  • USB connectivity
  • Voice recognition
  • Automatic climate control
  • Apple CarPlay
  • Android Auto
  • MirrorLink compatibility

2019 Maruti Suzuki Swift will likely get a reverse parking camera along with the powered ORVMs and many convenience features.

2019 Maruti Swift Exterior

Comprehensive design updates on the exterior gives a new stylish look. Front profile has new hexagonal mesh-grille, completely transformed projector headlamps looks and restyled bumper. 2019 Maruti Suzuki Swift looks stunning with the new diamond cut alloy wheels as well as floating roof line.

  • Halogen Fog Lamps
  • Floating Roof
  • Diamond Cut Alloys
  • Wrap-Around Tail-Lamps
  • Rear Wiper & Washer
  • New wrap-around tail-lamps
  • New roof spoiler
  • Larger body coloured bumper
  • Shorter windscreen

2019 Maruti Suzuki Swift is designed in stronger with lighter by 100 KGs when compared to current model. Swift measures 1,695 mm in width, 3,840 mm in length and 1,525 mm in height. New Swift also has the Wheelbase of 2,450 mm.

Maruti Swift 2019 Mileage

Fuel efficiency plays the significant role in the success of vehicle in India and Maruti is known for its performance. New Swift 2019 will be fuel efficient compared to current model. 1.0-litre Turbocharged Boosterjet petrol engine helps to achieve improved performance. New Swift 2019 is estimated to deliver the Mileage of 27 KMPL in diesel version and 21 KMPL in petrol version.

Maruti Swift Colors

New Swift 2019 will be available in colours of Red, Blue, Silver, White and Black giving much sporty looking.

Maruti Swift Specification

New 2019 Maruti Swift will use same underpinnings as its sibiling – Baleno. 2019 Maruti Swift will be lighter curbing substantial weight. Same engines from the predecessor is about to be used from the predecessor. Both the 1.2 litre K-Series petrol and 1.3 litre diesel engine is likely be calibrated with the increased output with better performance. Maruti Swift petrol model unit currently makes 83bhp and 115Nm and the diesel unit could easily produce 74bhp and 190Nm.

Maruti Swift Engine Specification

Evolved engine comes with the new platform called as “HEARTECT” and it comes in the 1.2L DOCH, VVT petrol engine producing the 90 BHP with maximum power along with the 118 Nm maximum torque.  

  • Engine – 1.2 Litre K-Series Petrol – 1.3 Litre DDiS Diesel
  • Max. Power – 87 PS – 78 PS
  • Peak Torque – 115 Nm – 190 Nm
  • Transmission – 5-Speed Manual/ 5-Speed AMT – 5-Speed Manual/ 5-Speed AMT
  • Kerb Weight – ~ 850 KGs – ~ 900 Kg
  • Fuel Mileage 21-22 KMPL – 26-27 KMPL


K-Series Petrol engine with VVT:

Maruti Swift ZDi (Diesel):

Seating Capacity in New Maruti Swift

New 2019 Maruti Swift has 4 Seating capacities for making a luxurious ride. Interior car design is equipped with extra comfort seating.

Maruti Swift 2019 Boot Space

New 2019 Maruti Swift is the hottest hatchback and the vehicle offers a decent boot space with the capacity of 204 litres. Swift boot space gives extra comfort for the long ride.

2019 Maruti Swift Ground Clearance

New 2019 Maruti Swift has the ground clearance of 170mm. The amount of clear space between lowest part of the vehicle’s frame to ground is more so it is easier to drive the vehicle in extreme comfort.

Transmission Automatic Or Manual

Both the petrol and diesel engines are coupled with 5 speed manual transmission and optional AMT or CVT. AMT version on the diesel engine unit is expected to come first.

Alloy Wheels in Maruti Swift

New 2019 Maruti Swift has the appearance of the current model with minimal changes. New diamond cut alloy wheels is one of the main highlight bringing the modern look in the vehicle.


New 2019 Maruti Swift is the much awaited model with new specification and features added. Driving the new vehicle in the Indian roads is quite astounding. Extra safety features are equipped in the vehicle with complete modern technology. With better performance and mileage, the upcoming New 2019 Maruti Swift is the best compact vehicle.

Maruti Swift Dimension:

  • Length – 3,840mm
  • Width – 1,500mm
  • Height – 1,695mm
  • Wheelbase – 2,450mm
  • Ground Clearance – 170mm

From the house of automobile giant, another car is going to make its way on the Indian roads today is Maruti Suzuki Ignis. It is a hatchback launched in the form of a compact SUV. The car is going to compete with the Mahindra KUV100 that is also a hatchback and have a body similar to short SUV. The car promises its users a spacious and refined cabin with modern features. According to experts, the manual petrol and diesel and the Automatic petrol and diesel version will be placed between Rs. 5 to 7 Lac even at an ex-showroom price.

6 Stunning Features and Specifications

The Maruti Suzuki Ignis is going to be sold through the Nexa dealership of the Maruti Suzuki dealership chain across many states in India. The car is equipped with both the AMT and Manual gearbox, and its interiors are packed with gorgeous features with enough space for the cabin. The other specifications of the car include:

  1. For the infotainment, the car will have the touch screen entertainment setup that comes with Apple CarPlay, possesses an inbuilt navigation screen and has Android Auto as well.
  2. The beautiful exterior features include the projector headlamps, LED daytime running lights and even the car has 15-inch black alloy wheels.
  3. The prices of both manual and AMT versions are kept between INR 5-7 Lac. This is because the AMT version is not going to cost much as it is only available in mid-level Zeta and Delta variants and not the Alpha trim.
  4. The mileage of the car is also a stopover for the customers as of a petrol engine is 20.89 km/l and of diesel, variant is 26.80 km/l.
  5. The trendy colors are also offered for the Maruti Suzuki Ignis car. It includes silver, white, blue, and red variants. Moreover, it will possess the dual color option too.
  6. The consumers can also customize their accessories and car with the help of iCreate packages. The automobile giant, iCreate is being seen widely in the case of Vitara Brezza.

Lastly, the customers will like the all-new compact SUV by Maruti Suzuki, as it can be great for youngsters who want to own their own hatchback-style car.

Beleno is one of the top-selling models of Maruti under nexa franchise. Maruti has launched the AMT – Automatic version of Maruti Baleno and since then you can find almost all small or hatchback cars with AMT Option. Though there are lots of misconception about automatic cars and one of these is mileage. People think or misguided about the low mileage of AMT cars and so, I am writing this post to clarify the things before making any buying decision. Mileage is subjective for owners by owners but still, it is a major factor while making a buying decision

Maruti Baleno Automatic Mileage

I must say you are soon going to buy or thinking to buy and looking for the best possible mileage for all automatic Baleno model. right? well, I understand and below is the breakup of all automatic model with mileage.

Balno has launched 3 version in automatic mode. All 3 model have petrol only fuel option and so If you are looking for a diesel version of automatic and mileage of its, well I am sorry as Maruti is yet to launch it. Though I certainly have eyes on it and if such a thing happens I will update this page with a new option as well. Till then check out the mileage below.

Balono Automatic Mileage / Average in Petrol

Among other Model, I filtered the model which are automatic and listed below with price and mileage

Baleno Automatic Model Mileage Price
Baleno Delta 1.2 Automatic 21 kmpl ₹ 7.62 Lakhs
Baleno Zeta 1.2 Automatic 20 kmpl ₹ 8.24 Lakhs
Baleno Alpha 1.2 Automatic 22 kmpl ₹ 8.87 Lakhs

*Mileage may vary by driving habits

A flagship sedan from Maruti Suzuki launched last year and captured sedan market giving tough competition to Honda City and Hyundai Verna. Company working on the facelift model and set to launch in 2019. The current model is doing good and Maruti is working on new ciaz facelift and some pics are floating on the internet where testing mule of ciaz spotted in New Delhi NCR. recently Maruti launched  Maruti dzire and booking for new dzire are encouraging. seeing spy shot, we can expect the spied model is mid-level Zeta trim with DDiS badge on rear and all new alloy wheels. There are camouflaged in the front face, drives us to expect notable changes on the front side in new ciaz.

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz  Release Date in India

Grand launch of New Dzire and booking number encourages the company to launch Ciaz facelift sedan with an enhanced look and new design. the launch is set in upcoming year though no official date is out yet. Are you the one who looking to buy to ciaz can wait for 6 more months to get hands on all new ciaz. keep checking this space as we will update it here exact date as soon as we will have an official announcement.

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Price in India

You may see a little bump in price, though nothing much to say about as the new ciaz is in development face and not much information is out yet. The base model of the new ciaz price is expected to have 8.7 lakh and the top model will cost you around 11.80 lakh ex-showroom. There will be a hike around 50000 to 60000 all because of updates and enhanced look inside out.

Ex Shroom Price (Expected)
Base Model Rs 8.7 lakh
Best Model Rs 11.80 lakh

CSD Price: All those who want to buy Ciaz in CSD price will have to wait until the car launch and available in canteen store to make the claim of exact Ciaz  CSD price

New Maruti Ciaz Interior

New Ciaz Interior images leaked on Team-bhp, showcased the new ciaz will carry new instrument cluster, surrounded by chrome, 2 AC vents in middle. cluster are visible in leaked image. Center-aligned MID Screen, new Techno meter and enhanced speedometer with needles and music system.

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz  Exterior

With camouflaged on the front side in spy pic, we expect major changes on the exterior side and some of them would be a new ciaz will get Daytime running light, new fog lamps. A sunroof and new bumper with an aggressive lighting style give a close look like Hyundai’s Verna. you may get updated alloy wheel in new ciaz facelift launching

New Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Mileage

mileage comes as an important point while making the decision to buy a car in India. It will be early to say anything,  but believing the news, there is no difference in ciaz engine and thus no major change in mileage of ciaz. Ciaz SHVC considers as Best mileage sedan in India, New Dzire is first one giving best mileage.

Model Mileage (Expected)
Maruti Ciaz Petrol (MT) 20.80 kmpl
Maruti Ciaz Petrol (AT) 18.10 kmpl
Maruti Ciaz Diesel (MT) 29.02 kmpl

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Colours

Testing mule is spotted with camouflage on a front side, it’s ok to guess new ciaz will have changes on the exterior side and while talking about Ciaz colours, we are expecting 1 or more new colour will be added. current ciaz comes with 5 colors as below

  1. Pearl Metallic Dignity Brown
  2. Pearl Snow White
  3. Pearl Midnight Black
  4. Pearl Sangria Red
  5. Nexa Blue

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Specification

Engine 1.3-litre DDiS 200 SHVS
Max Power 88.5bhp @ 4000rpm
Max Torque 200Nm @ 1750rpm
Engine 1.4-litre K-Series Petrol
Maximum Power 91bhp @ 6000rpm
Maximum Torque 130Nm @ 4000rpm
Transmission 5-speed Manual & 4-speed Automatic

Engine Specification of New Ciaz

Going after leaked detail, no changes in the engine in Maruti Suzuki ciaz. The New ciaz will come with 1.3-litre DDis engine with hybrid technology by Suzuki called SHVS. The 1.4-litre petrol engine will be an option. Though there is not much change in machine wise, speculation suggests that the new ciaz will get all new 1.5-litre petrol engine. There is 5 Speed Manual and 4-speed Automatic transmission will offer in new ciaz.

Ciaz Best Speed

Though we have an inside image, Speedometer not clearly visible,  it will be early to say anything about it. but it would be important to mention the current model of ciaz top speed is 190 KMPL and Ciaz continue having the same as there is no change in engine side. The Ciaz has 5-speed Manual & 4-speed Automatic transmission which generates 88.5bhp power with 200NM torque.

Seating capacity in New Ciaz

New Ciaz is classified as a sedan and consider it little stretch inside, Maruti Ciaz has 5 people seating capacity which includes the driver. Its up level sedan and so you will get extra head and leg room inside the cabin.

New Ciaz Boot space

Ciaz and another sedan as really having large boot space and new ciaz will have same boot space as it in the current model. New Maruti Ciaz boot space is 510-litres with a fuel tank capacity of 43 litres of fuel in a go.  The new ciaz continue have remote trunk opening as well.

Maruti Ciaz Ground Clearance

Sedan as considers little ground to earth though it offers best style and performance. upcoming ciaz is a facelift and not expecting much changes on chassis side and engine wise, the new ciaz ground clearance is 170 MM.

Length 4490mm
Width 1730mm
Height 1485mm
Ground Clearance 170mm

Ciaz Transmission Automatic or Manual

Maruti’s upcoming sedan, Ciaz will come with Manual and Auto transmission. The Automatic  Transmission will be available in the top model of ciaz and you may get AMT version in Petrol Model only. Here we expect Maruti will launch AMT in Diesel model also and current ciaz comes AT with petrol model only.

Alloy Wheels in Suzuki Ciaz 

Not expecting more change on the exterior side, new ciaz continue having longer wheelbase 2,650mm with alloy wheels.

New Ciaz Models

Ciaz Model (Expected)
1.3 Sigma 1248 cc,  Manual, Diesel, 28.09 kmpl
1.3 Delta 1248 cc,  Manual, Diesel, 28.09 kmpl
1.3 Zeta 1248 cc,  Manual, Diesel, 28.09 kmpl
1.3 Alpha 1248 cc,  Manual, Diesel, 28.09 kmpl
1.4 Sigma 1373 cc,  Manual, Petrol, 20.73 kmpl
1.4 Delta 1373 cc,  Manual, Petrol, 20.73 kmpl
1.4 Zeta 1373 cc,  Manual, Petrol, 20.73 kmpl
1.4 AT Delta 1373 cc,  Automatic, Petrol, 19.12 kmpl
1.4 Alpha 1373 cc,  Manual, Petrol, 20.73 kmpl
1.4 AT Zeta 1373 cc,  Automatic, Petrol, 19.12 kmpl
1.4 AT Alpha 1373 cc,  Automatic, Petrol, 19.12 kmpl

Ciaz Basic Models

The news was out for new ciaz development and there is detail out for variants for ciaz. going with leaked information, the new stretch sedan will be available in 5 trim levels –  base Sigma, Delta, Zeta, Alpha and top Sport. The basic model may cost you around 8.7 lakh with the hike in compared to the current model of ciaz.

Suzuki Ciaz Best Models

On the line of Baleno spot, Maruti will launch a sports version of ciaz and RS model of ciaz will be replaced with it. Talking about Ciaz Sport, the saloon will have a new body kit and sporty rear spoiler. On the top model, you will get Sunroof option in ciaz other than a cosmetic update. While talking about top model ciaz price, you will have to spend 11.80 lakh to buy new ciaz. In comparing to the old model you may have to pay 50k to 60k more.

Apart from this, the company may launch a taxi version of new ciaz as well to fulfil the commercial demand increasing in cab era.

Compare Ciaz 

With these upgrades, the Ciaz facelift will become a more threat to segment competitors like Honda City and Hyundai Verna. You may book new ciaz from nearby nexa dealership as the company moved Ciaz to its nexa showroom

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Ciaz Review

which seeing the current model of ciaz, the sedan continues giving tough competition to segment leader Hyundai Verna and honda city. The certainly beg space in the sedan segment and facelift ciaz will certainly attract more buyers with aggressive features and best performance. It will be important mention here, Hyundai also going to launch the facelift Verna in this festive season.

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Dimension

New Ciaz consider having cosmetic update and changes, it may continue having the same dimension, length, width and height as in the current model.

Length 4490mm
Width 1730mm
Height 1485mm
Ground Clearance 170mm

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza car price in India, its mileage, features, full specifications, pictures and many more are here to let you discover Maruti Vitara Brezza thoroughly. It is compact SUV from Maruti which comes with a segment-first dual colour scheme, ultimate stance and sporty interior what exactly young generation of India is looking for an arena of latest cars and in forthcoming next-gen cars.

If you are planning to purchase a new car in the compact SUV segment, then you should not miss to check out this car. We do not promote any brand, but without any doubt, Maruti is a reliable name in India and herein they brought to you something solid and appealing. Let’s explore, what India’s favorite car maker is offering in this glamorous car. Get ready to experience Brezza!

Maruti Vitara Brezza Price in India

It is delight time for mid-range folks of India. Now it is possible to buy a stylish and sporty compact SUV under 10 lakh price and Maruti makes it possible with its unique trust. Plenty of people put blind trust on Maruti Brand in India and they do prove the people blind as they always try to provide something worth, low in maintenance and high in performance.

They know the mentality and choice of people in the car segment. Gradually Maruti Baleno is doing very well in the hatchback segment, while they are getting the awesome response in bookings of all-new Vitara Brezza. The car maker is offering the base variant of Brezza in INR 6.99 lakh in India which is indeed an affordable range for the future-ready car. So many people are ready to spend 7 to 9 lakh after a next-gen car and here it is in form of compact SUV, which is a trendy segment these days. Below 10 lakh, you can go for the high-end variant of this car, isn’t it great! Contact your nearest showroom or dealer for the exact on road price going on in your city. Price may vary as per variant!

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza Interior

Vitara Brezza’s interior design is a good one in its type. A cabin of this car is appealing and gives fresh feelings of riding and driving. This 5-seater Compact SUV comes with easy to use the interior layout that contains piano finished accents, sporty seats, and rugged grab handles. It also offers large windscreen, flip foldable rear seats, exclusive cockpit-style instrument cluster with mood lights, MirrorLink, Remote Control App for Smartphone, Apple CarPlay, Satellite Navigation, Siri, Reverse parking camera, and other buttons on SmartPlay infotainment system.

This car holds tilt steering with cruise controls & Bluetooth handsfree controls. It allows you to Push Start with Smart Keyless Entry. Other small details you can find in this car’s cabin are the cool box, front sliding center armrest, coat hanger, cup holders, door bottle holder, seatback pockets & hook, rear armrest, seat undertray, driver side pocket, ticket holder, and illuminated box with card holder.

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza Colour

The Maruti Vitara Brezza is a young compact SUV for current and next-generation. Its exterior is outstanding and they offer an appealing color range for all kind of Maruti fans and who want to join a Maruti India family by purchasing their first or next car. This performer and dynamic compact SUV is avail in dual shades and they are ‘Blazing Red with Midnight Black’, Fiery Yellow with Pearl Arctic White’, Cerulean Blue with Pearl Arctic White’, and single colour such as ‘Fiery Yellow’, ‘Pearl Arctic White’, ‘Blazing Red’, ‘Premium Silver’, ‘Granite Grey’ and ‘Cerulean Blue’. Now it’s all up to you, what you choose, single colour or dual shade.

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza Mileage

Yes, all-new India Maruti Vitara Brezza is a mileage star. Having a good engine, it delivers a whopping 24.3 kmpl mileage. Good looking, trendy segment, reasonable price tag and superb mileage, and solid trust of Maruti, what else you need? Car experts and critics are happy with this car’s fuel efficiency. In what price range this car has been launched in India, it requires a good mileage (average), and it exactly delivers! In city streets, it offers around 21 kmpl mileage. This is a worthy car for a long journey with a family of 5 to 6 members.

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza Book in India

Right now, Maruti Vitara Brezza is avail in Maruti Showrooms of India and new NEXA showrooms. But bear in mind, there is a waiting in bookings because so many new car buyers are all set to book and welcome this fantastic product of Maruti. You can contact your nearest Maruti Dealers or Showroom for test drive or booking.

That was a nice platform to promote a new product as plenty of people are crazy in India for Cricket and Cars. This all-new compact SUV has got sufficient attention to potential car buyers and perceptive car buyers. The believable price tag, advanced features, and awesome look will help Maruti again in the Indian car market and at other hands; it will create tough competition for rivals.

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza Seating Capacity

It is more than just a looker. This dynamic compact SUV offers smart seating arrangement for 5 persons. With remarkable comfort, 5 persons can enjoy a short trip or a long voyage in this car. Oh yes, there is no luggage storage issue as it is offering ample boot space where you can safely store your traveling bags and sports kits. Also, it is very easy to load luggage and remove. Advanced seating arrangement offers sufficient room at the front and second row. Both driver and passengers can enjoy this car with sufficient leg room, head room, knee room, shoulder room, etc.

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza Engine

The Maruti Vitara Brezza is powered by 1248cc 1.3 L DDiS 200 Diesel engine. Right now sorry for the Petrol engine, but they are smart enough and with the increasing demand for the car, they may bring a reliable Petrol engine for this compact SUV. The engine of this car works amazingly with the 5-speed manual transmission system and produces 89 bhp power at 4000 rpm. With the help of the powerful diesel engine, this C platform based car gets its perfect SUV status. Get ready for the smooth drive without extra unwanted noise, vibration, and harshness. It follows the Pendulum engine mount system!

Maruti Vitara Brezza Exterior

SUV stands for sports utility vehicle, and the exterior layout of this car make the word ‘sport’ true by offering an appealing combination of style and sports. This car is created in India and all set to impress plenty of Indians by its specs, features and brilliant look. It comes with a segment-first dual colour scheme, wide tires, sporty alloy wheels, floating roof design, ‘Bull Horn’ LED Light, energetic projector headlamps, awesome chrome finish that gives solid look to front fascia, masculine slated front grille, auto headlight, rain sensing auto wipers, and many more small details that make a just perfect sporty compact SUV which is well-liked in India by Maruti Fans and even by critics.

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza Safety Features

This car is feature-packed and future-ready. Safety is a big concern and always comes first these days and this car does care by providing active & passive safety features. This car is ready with dual airbags, ABS with EBD, certified for offset and side impact crash test norms, Suzuki’s exclusive TECT- Total Effective Control Technology, and front seat belt. It offers Electric Adjustment for ORVMs, Auto Aircon, adaptive cruise control, 16 inch alloys, quality dashboard, 198mm ground clearance, 328L boot space for luggage storage, power windows, central locking, touchscreen infotainment system, DOHC valve system, 48 l fuel tank capacity, BSIV emission standard, ventilated disc front brakes, quality front & rear suspension, auto climate control, and many more. With 5 MT transmission type, you can enjoy a 2WD drive system.

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Let’s check it dimension wise. Yes, this car sounds just perfect in a matter of dimensions. It measures 3995mm length, 1790 mm width, and 1640mm height. Length of this car will help in the price tag. Its wheelbase is 2500mm while turning radius is 5.2m.

In the matter of specifications and features, new Vitara Brezza sounds perfect. That’s not over. It is a good looker and its base price is very good for India’s mid-range folks who are dreaming of a reliable yet sporty car these days. Inside out, this compact SUV offers comfort, safety, and style that exactly present generation looking for when they are planning a new car. Sufficient ground clearance and ample boot space give you peace of mind. Interior is roomy enough to enjoy by 5 to 6 persons.

You should compare Maruti Vitara Brezza with other avail Compact SUVs like Creta, Honda, Ford and forthcoming SUVs in India so that you can get the perfect difference in prices, features, and specs. The test drive can give you the real idea, so contact your nearby Maruti Showroom, Nexa showroom or Maruti Dealer to book your test drive. In between 5 to 10 lakh price range, this car is good in look and performance and trust of Maruti is an extra advantage. Go for it!