Best Car for Women / Ladies Driver in India 2019

There was a time when the number of women car drivers was limited, as most of the Ladies just 5 years ago did not prefer using cars on the Indian road. However, today the number of Female drivers has increased so as the demand for cars suitable for women drivers.

Best Car for Women ( Automatic & Small Cars)

Check out the List of  Top 10 Best Cars for Women in India 2019 With all the great Features and colors available exclusive for females /woman/ Ladies/ Girl/ of India. This is also a fact that mostly all the cars designed for unisex use. Therefore, based on customer reviews and expert recommendations, automatic and small cars are best suitable for Indian Ladies to drive on Indian roads. Here is a list of best cars in India that ladies can drive today.

#10. Ford Figo


Ford is well known to manufacture and market cars that boast high safety features including a comparatively heavy body and Aston Martin Esque look alike style. This car unlike most of the cars on the list comes with a 1500 cc engine that can deliver a maximum fuel efficiency of 19 liters.

With a powerful 1499 cc engine, the engine of Ford Figo is capable to deliver the maximum power of 86 [email protected] With a five-speed automatic transmission, Figo is capable enough to achieve the top speed of 157km/h. So, if you were looking fast and zippy automatic car with ample boot space of 257 liter, this is a perfect family car that is extremely easy to handle.

Price – INR 8.5 lakhs/- approx

#9. Honda Jazz V CVT

Honda Jazz V CVT comes with spacious boot space and excellent steering style that could make this car best suitable for women. This car comes with an overall dimension 3955x1694x1544 mm and the car is designed to deliver a maximum of 19 kilometers per liter.

Honda Jazz CVT is equipped with a powerful and peppy 1199 cc engine, which can easily reach to the maximum power of 88.7 bhp @6000rpm. The key things about the Jazz V CVT are best-in-class boot space (354 liter), smooth five-speed automatic CVT gearbox, and a brilliant efficiency of 19kmpl.

Price – INR 9.5lakhs /- approx

#8.Volkswagen Polo GT TSI

Volkswagen Polo is best recommended for any girl who prefer a compact car with a high power delivering engine. Unlike most of the cars on the Indian market with the same engine specifications, this car comes with a 7-speed gearbox. The car has 280 liter boot space and an overall dimension of 3971x1681x1469 mm.

With a brilliantly designed 1.2 liter engine, the Volkswagen Polo GT TSI is a great buy for those women who are looking to buy a powerful and easy to use car. With 7-speed automatic gearbox, the engine can produce the maximum power of [email protected] You can expect the mileage of 11.38 kmpl from the vehicle and can hit the road with a top speed of 177km/h.

Price – INR 9.5 lakhs /- approx

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#7.Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire

Maruti Suzuki Swift has been on the market for a very long time, however, with the introduction of the Dzire variant the demand went up and just a few months back, with the new facelift that Maruti Suzuki gave the car, it has been on the list of top 10 selling cars in India today. The car comes with excellent boot space and excellent overall looks.

New Swift Dzire is loaded with lots of new few features including a brilliant 1197 cc engine that not only is powerful (produces 81.8 [email protected] rpm) but is also a great buy for those buyers who were after fuel efficiency (22kmpl).

Price – INR 7.5 lakhs /- approx

#6.Nissan Micra Option CVT

The Nissan Micra Option CVT based automatic variant comes with a 251 liter boot space and an overall dimension of 3825x1665x1530 mm that makes the car not only small but best suitable for women that prefer stylish and compact automatic cars in India.

For the buyers who were looking for a powerful engine that can easily reach higher speeds without any issues, the new Nissan Micra Option CVT would be a brilliant buy. The vehicle is equipped with 1198 cc engine that produces [email protected] The 5-speed CVT gearbox is capable enough to reach a high speed of 160/h and the car is equally efficient too with 19.15kmpl.

Price – INR 6.6 lakhs /- approx

#5.Honda Brio VX AT

This hatchback is one of the compact cars that you can get today; the car is specially designed for Indian roads to navigate through the Indian road with ease. The automatic model VX AT is one of the best automatic cars available for women on the market today.

Equipped with a brilliant 1.2 liter efficient (18.5kmpl) and powerful engine ([email protected]), Honda brio has a great 5-gear automatic transmission that makes it a perfect small family car. Also, the ample boot of 175 liters makes it a great buy for family trips.

Price – INR 7 lakhs /- approx

#4.Hyundai Grand i10 Kappa Magna AT

Hyundai has a reputation for manufacturing and marketing high-quality cars on the market, the Hyundai Grand i10 Kappa Magna AT is one of the best automatic transmission cars that has a comparatively larger boot space than Maruti Alto K10.

Hyundai Grand i10 is another option for the buyers looking for a fuel efficient 1200cc engine (19kmpl) that is powerful enough to reach higher speeds easily (165km/h). The powerful petrol engine and a brilliantly design 4-speed automatic transmission provide a comfortable ride and efficient fuel utilization.

Price – INR 7.3 lakhs /- approx

#3Maruti Suzuki Wagon R VXI AMT

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R is a legend in the India car industry as it has been on the market for a very long time. For a long time Wagon R was on the market for a long time, however, only manual variants were available, but now the automatic variant of Wagon R is one of in-demand cars available on the market today.

WagonR has a perfect 1000cc engine that is powerful ([email protected]) as well as has a great efficient fuel utilization (22.5kmpl). With a great boot space of 341liters, this is a brilliant family car for Indian buyers. With a 5-speed automatic gearbox and high speed of 152 km/h, WagonR is a great buy.

Price – INR 5.1 lakhs /- approx

#2.Renault Kwid Climber 1.0 AMT

Renault Kwid Climber comes with a 1.0-liter engine that can deliver a maximum mileage of 21 km/liter. The automatic variant is comparatively costlier than the manual variant; this car comes with decals imprinted on the front doors and on the rear windshield. The car today come in 3 different color variants Planet grey, Electric blue, and Outback bronze.

Kwid Climber AMT is equipped with a brilliant 1-liter engine that is powerful enough to deliver the power of [email protected] Talking about fuel efficiency, the climber can achieve 21kmpl in ideal situations. With a smooth 5-speed automatic transmission, Kwid Climber can easily reach the top speed of 134km/h

Price – INR 5.1 lakhs /- approx

#1.Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 VXI AGS Optional


Maruti Suzuki as you know is one of the best cars recommended for ladies as it comes with better fuel efficiency and automatic transmission. Alto has a reputation for being one of the smallest bikes on the Indian road and it will cost comparatively less to maintain the car.

Alto K10 incorporates a brilliantly designed 998 cc engine that is known for its efficiency and brilliance. With the fuel efficiency of 24 kmpl, this is one of the most fuel-efficient car in the range. Also, Alto has A 5-speed automatic transmission that lets the car achieve a high speed of 145km/h.

Price – INR 4.6 lakhs /- approx

There is actually no car that is specially designed for women, however, when it comes to women the best-recommended car would be automatic and compact at the same time. The list of 10 cars mentioned above are the best cars recommended for women today.

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