Bring This 5 Cars home for 4 Lakh Only

Budget is the thing which affects all the aspects. Sometimes your choice depends upon your budget. Years ago, the car makers were focusing only on the Rich Social class. They were made cars which are only affordable for the higher class locality. But today the trend has been changed. The cars Manufacturer have realized that the middle class of the society is the backbone of the economy.

The economy class is only who is honest and trustworthy among the products. Because the upper class is having so much money that it can do experiment with the choice where the middle class do not have this. This thing happens mostly in the automobile sector. Today’s car maker makes cars which are reasonable price holder for the middle class.

So here we are presenting good 5 cars which are having a price under four lakhs.

1. Tata Nano Twist

When we discuss low price cars, Tata Nano is the initial part of it. Tata’s this venture completes many people’s car holding dreams.

1. The beginning Price of Tata Nano Twist is approx. 1.40 lakh. This is why this car is totally affordable.

2. The Engine of Tata Nano Twist is in petrol model with litter 0.6.

3. This Engine is offering the maximum power of 36 bhp, and maximum Torque of 45nm.

4. If we talk about the Mileage or Average of Tata Nano Twist, it is 25 kmpl.

2. Ford Figo

The brand name Figo is very much popular in car buyers. Ford Figo is good in appearance from inner as well as the outer side. Let see its specifications. also, check ford Figo aspire

1. The starting Price tag of Ford Figo is 3.85 lakhs.

2. Ford Figo is giving you 2 litre Engine in Petrol version.

3. The Engine of Ford Figo is giving the Maximum power of 70bhp with maximum torque of 101nm.

4. Ford Figo is giving you 15KMPL mileage.

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3. Maruti Alto K10

Maruti is the name to whom India trusts more. Mostly every model of Maruti cars are Successful today and Maruti Alto K10 is one of them.

1. The Starting Price of Maruti Alto K10 is 3.15 lakhs.

2. Maruti Alto K10 has petrol Engine with 1 litre.

3. Maruti Alto K10’s Engine is giving the power of 65 bhp with 89nm torque.

4. This car is giving Mileage of 20KMPL.

4. Datsun Go

Datsun is a repetitive name in the market. Its models of the car are fashionable and sporty.

1. The price of Datsun Go begins with 3.15 lakhs.

2. The Engine of Datsun Go is 2 litre petrol versions.

3. This Engine is giving 64bhp power and 105nm of torque.

4. The Mileage of Datsun Go is 20KMPL.

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5. Hyundai Eon

Hyundai is famous for making gaudy cars. Hyundai cars are awesome in appearances. Hyundai cars are kind of Status symbols today. In this category, we can add Hyundai Eon car rapidly because this car is a low-cost car.

1. Hyundai Eon Car Price starts from 2.90 Lakhs.

2. Hyundai Eon car’s petrol model Engine is 0.8 litters.

3. This car is giving a maximum power of 55 bhp, along with 75nm of torque.

4. Hyundai Eon car is giving a mileage of 20 KMPL.


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