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Sports Utility Vehicles, mostly known as SUVs are the most versatile kind of vehicles. These cars can typically run in any terrain and road conditions, and generally, are equipped with high powered engines and a higher number of features. India is a great market for SUVs due to having many remote areas where regular sedans or hatchbacks will struggle to reach. However, typically SUVs are costly because they are costlier than any other types privately owned of vehicles, they consume more fuel due to having powerful engines and also the yearly fees with the government authorities is higher. Yet, SUVs are quite popular in this region; and there are plenty within the budget of Rs. 10 lakh. However, we have sorted only the best five SUVs.

Here is the list of Top 5 Best SUVs under Rs. 10 Lakhs India

1. Ford EcoSport

This Ford SUV comes in both petrol and diesel engine variants. This vehicle would travel almost any distance with 100 PS of raw power, and the ground clearance of 200 mm can practically not care about any terrain because the EcoSport is good in plain roads, as well as gravels, muddy surface, sand etc. The seating arrangement can comfortably seat 5 people, and the seats are placed in a higher position than regular SUVs thus it’s a fun experience to be sitting inside and enjoying the view outside. The petrol variant offers 18.88 kmpl and diesel variants offer 22.27 kmpl in mileage. Price: Petrol Rs. 668,000 onwards and Diesel Rs. 728,000 onwards.

2. Renault Duster

The Renault Duster is for the unstoppable Indian nature; this vehicle doesn’t need to stop unless the driver commands it to do so. The engine displacement on the Renault Duster is 1598 cc, and it offers a maximum of 104 PS on the power output aspect. The fuel efficiency isn’t as great as a sedan of course, but even 13.06 kmpl on a sedan looks pretty good on the sheets. Unlike many other SUVs, the Renault Duster have 6 manual gears; the enthusiasts will certainly love that. There are advanced features like traction control, ABS etc. Price: Rs. 846,999 onwards.

3. Mahindra Scorpio

The Mahindra Scorpio kind of redefines the SUV scenario in India. Mahindra Scorpio is widely popular throughout the nation. It comes in 7 engine variants; the most powerful one offers turbo and it is diesel driven and the engine displacement is 2523 cc. The rest are diesel as well; however, they are 2179 cc in displacement; 1997 cc for the Delhi NCR market. The highest engine output rated for the Mahindra Scorpio engine is 120 bhp. Two types of gearboxes are available; a 5-speed manual and a 6 speed automatic. The capacity of the fuel tank is 60 litres. Price: Rs. 868,456 onwards.

4. Mahindra Bolero

The Bolero is another variant from Mahindra that sells pretty well in the Indian market. The Bolero comes in 8 different variants including an ambulance variant, but most of these variants are basically slight differences in the engine and other specifications while the overall vehicle remains the same. The engine is 2523 cc m2DiCR and it offers a maximum power output of 46.3 kW, and maximum torque output is 195 Nm. Bolero has 5 manual gears. Price: Rs. 818,833 onwards.

5. Tata Sumo Gold

Tata Sumo Gold comes in two variants, Sumo Gold BS-IV and Sumo Gold BS III. Both these variants have 2956 cc engine with a maximum power output of 85 PS in the first one, and 70 PS in the latter; also the maximum torque is 250 Nm and 223 Nm respectively. There are 5 manual gears in the gearbox. Ground clearance on the Tata Sumo Gold is a whopping 182 mm; which enables Tata Sumo Gold to go to almost any places. Price: Rs. 841,960 onwards.

SUVs are highly utilitarian and they are fun to drive as well. India produces its own SUVs, as well as few imports, are also widely popular; that’s what is reflected in this top 5 selection of SUVs in India under 10 lac rupees.

In India, when we hear an automatic car, wonder creates in mind. But now, the time has come to enjoy the best AMT cars in the country and here we present the best economical AMT cars in India under INR 5 lakhs price. Can’t believe? AMT car offers fuel efficient way and driving ease as well, that’s why new generation car buyers prefer automated manual transmission in a car. Most cars will have AMT by 2019 in India and if you are looking for such automatic cars at affordable prices in India, then you’ve come to the very right place. Let’s take a look at cars having AMT technology. India is ready for Auto Gear Shift Cars.

#1 New Maruti Alto K10 AMT

Maruti New Alto K10 is a very nice budget friendly family car which comes with the trust of Maruti and now AMT technology too. Forget old Alto, this new K10 Alto offers whole new bold styling and five-speed AMT gearbox. When it comes down to power, it will offer likely 70 bhp power with its 1 L engine. We can expect around 24 km/l mileage from this new product which sounds lightweight than the past model. To bring this gear responsive car you have to pay around 4.40 lakh on road price.

#2 Mahindra e2o

M&M brought to you automatic electric car for India to enjoy driving with revolutionary technology. Mahindra Reva will offer likely 26PS power. This automatic hatchback will offer infotainment system, smartphone connectivity, dent resistance body panel, and around 80 kmph top speed. Just one full charge and you will enjoy the distance around 120 km. The price tag for this automatic car will be likely 4.80 lakhs.

#3 Tata GenX Nano AMT

Nano is back and this time it sounds more functional and practical. Don’t ignore this car just because it is lower in price and not great in look, but if you think wisely and budget-friendly, Nano Twist F-Tronic will be your new companion. New Nano AMT Genx by Tata comes with 624 cc engine capacity that produces 38 bhp power and 51 Nm max torque. This hatchback offers 5-speed AMT gearbox and it is mileage ready with around 22 km/l. To drive new Nano GenX home, you have to pay around 3 lakh. It will earn a new reputation as the most affordable automatic car in India.

#4 Suzuki Maruti Wagon R AMT

Say bye to boxy old Wagon R. Maruti Suzuki is bringing Auto Gear Shift Wagon R with spacious interior and tall boy layout. Plenty of fans are avail of Maruti WagonR in India and the car maker wants to move with AMT technology so that new generation of India can also enjoy the best of Wagon R. It will come with 1.0 Litre around 1000 CC petrol engine which will offer 67 bhp power, 90 Nm torque. Enjoy 5-speed AMT gearbox with around 21 kpl average. The price tag for new Maruti Suzuki AMT Wagon R will be around 4.75 lakhs.

#5 Maruti Suzuki Celerio Lxi AMT

The stylish ZXI Maruti Celerio is an amazing car with 5 people comfortable seating capacity and a good looker too. It will offer automated manual transmission, K10B petrol engine, 68 bhp power, 90 Nm max torque power, around 240 litres of boot space and many quality features. This hatchback is also good by mileage, it offers 23 to 24 kmpl average and that’s good in its type. 4.99 Lakh price you have to pay for this automatic car.

Also, you can go for affordable automatic cars in India or upcoming AMT cars in India such as Renault Kwid and Tata Kite. Have an affordable Automatic Car!

When it comes to purchasing a car, it is important that you do all the required research as in determining the right car dealership to approach and to find out how other customers had rated them. This should provide you with a good indication as to how ‘good’ they are; the next part is where you go over the various choices that are currently available. These days, cars come in all shapes and sizes and the same holds true for any dealership. You can go in for the budget cars that come with zero frills as well as the premium end which comes with all the extra features. So if you want to purchase a car with a sunroof, then you may want to check out our collection of some of the top performing cars, with sunroof in India.

Top Cars with Sunroof In India – Sedan & Automatic Cars

#5 Hyundai Creta


The Hyundai Creta is an SUV which has just gotten a new upgrade; as an SUV, it is the perfect family car and has more than the required space you need for your family with extra storage space. The car comes with several trims as well as the recently introduced SX (O) Executive trim which offers you ventilated seats and other premium perks that you can look forward to. What makes this car stand out is its body line, its design and colour patterns and the fact that the car’s panels contour around the body frame perfectly, make it stand out for the right reasons. The car comes with a refurbished interior, along with ventilated seats, digital instrument control within easy access as well as a sunroof that you can use. The model also comes with upgraded software such as safety notifications, speed alert system, rear parking sensors and more.

The car comes outfitted with differing engines for the trims, the two options in terms of displacement are 1396 cc and 1591 cc. The mileage offered by the car remains between 15.29 Kmpl to 21.38 Kmpl. This basically depends on the version that you purchase. Also, the car has an eco-coating for the HVAC system. You get Petrol as well as Diesel model in Creta in automatic as well as manual version. Lastly, the price of the car starts at Rs 9.6 Lakhs and it goes up to Rs 15.65 Lakhs. You can opt for the variant you like as per the features you need.

#4 Jeep Compass


If you thought that all SUVs epitomize that “complete box look”, you may want to do a rethink after viewing the Jeep Compass. As the SUV is one of the top selling categories for the Indian auto industry, it seems that consumers prefer their SUV’s without the bulky look. And that’s why the Jeep compass, ever since its last upgrade looks svelte and elegant, with smooth body lines where the side panels contour gracefully around the frame. The Jeep Compass comes with softer hues, a design that stands out for the right reasons, a great looking sunroof and a front fascia that makes a good impression.  The wheels look a tad smaller this time around which results in the car looking muscular when you take it in from the sides. The Compass still maintains the same interior with digital instruments in a cluster within easy reach and with enough head and leg room to make you comfy.

The petrol engine of Jeep Compass comes with a 1368 cc capacity and the Diesel engine has a capacity of 1956 cc. In addition to this, the peak power generated by the diesel engine is 173 ps. The car looks really aggressive and it is one of the best selling cars from Jeep. The car is also available in Petrol and Diesel variant with both manual and automatic transmission. The mileage of Jeep Compass is between 14.1 Kmpl to 17.1 Kmpl. There are 7 variants available for the Jeep and the base variant starts at a price of Rs 15.45 Lakh whereas the top variant starts at a price of Rs 22.96 Lakh.

#3 Hyundai Verna


The Hyundai Verna is a midsized sedan which seems to have bucked the trend with a nearly complete makeover last year. Since then, it has certainly gone from strength to strength, with more than 20,000 units being delivered to customers. If you are in the market for a sedan with advanced functionality, then this is the one that you need to take a closer look at. The car comes with all the state of technology that you need, with the digital instrument cluster, infotainment system with touch screen, power windows, ventilated seats and much more. The car certainly seems to come with all the works, and do note, that the features between different trims can vary, since one may contain more user-centric features. The car also comes with cruise control, sunroof, as well as 1.6-litre petrol and a diesel engine which come with a power output of 90 PS as well as 219.66 Nm of Torque.

Apart from the 1.6-litre engine that we have talked about, the car is also available in the 1.4-litre engine. The 1.5 litres one is the diesel engine whereas the other one is the petrol engine. The power varies with the engine but the good part is that you get options for automatic and manual transmission. The mileage of Verna is claimed to be between 16.66 Kmpl to 24.75 Kmpl. Talking about the price, it starts at Rs 8.08 Lakhs and it goes all the way up till Rs 14.04 Lakh. Hyundai Verna is available in 7 different colours.

#2 Honda City


Honda City is fast turning out to be one of the most popular brands; what’s more, it had recently undergone a facelift over the last two years and looks all the better for it. The Honda City comes with more than a few changes over its previous variant; it still comes with the same trims but with better fuel efficiency with its mileage rating at 17.4 Kmpl. The car comes with a bolder front fascia, with the retuned front grille, with bolder accents to the same and as a result, it manages to stand out for the right reason. It also comes with all LED headlights, DRLs, state of the art fog lamps, and a sleek chrome bar has been added to the grille in the front. The car is also outfitted with 1.5-litre petrol and diesel engines with a power output of 117 PS as well as 145 Nm torque.

Honda City also comes with petrol and diesel engine but both the engine has the same displacement capacity of 1498 cc. In addition to this, the car is available in the automatic and manual variant. It must also be noted that Honda City can give you a mileage between 17.4 Kmpl to 25.6 Kmpl. This is a good number considering the feature you are getting. Finally, talking about the price, the Honda city starts at Rs 9.91 Lakh and it goes up to Rs 14.29 lakh.

#1 Mahindra XUV300

The 2019 Mahindra XUV300 had just been rolled out with the latest upgrade; this SUV has already managed to cause quite a hype mainly on account of the popularity of its earlier variants. The new SUV does not disappoint; it should provide you with adequate storage space and is quite spacious on the interior. It also comes with retuned front fascia with the front grille getting a little bolder, and with chrome accents. It certainly manages to stand out and to add to the mix, you have the LED headlights, fog lamps for the premium trims, and a larger wheelbase this time around. The body panels come with a dual colour tone which makes the SUV stand out for the right reasons. The car is also outfitted with three cylinders 1.2-liter petrol engine as well as 1.5 liters four-cylinder diesel engine; it comes with a power output of 115 PS with 300 Nm of torque.

Mahindra XUV 300 is available only in manual transmission but the transmission is quite smooth. The car is loaded with features and this compact SUV from Mahindra starts at a price of Rs 7.9 Lakhs. The top model goes up to Rs 11.99 Lakhs.

These are some of the best cars that come loaded with a sunroof. A sunroof is often an indication that the car in question is an SUV but other types including sedans have started incorporating the same. If you are still all set to purchase a car with a sunroof, then do check out the various cars and choose one that’s the right fit.

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Though you might wish to go and shop for your car and might wish to go for a big SUV, still, budget and other constraints might urge you to go for something pocket-friendly. Arranging for car finances and balancing your monthly expense to pay off the bills and even use the car against a rising fuel price would be there to consider. check out 5 Best Sedan Cars Under 6 Lakhs 2019.

This said, there are plenty of gorgeous sedans in the market, which are state of the art and come from reputed brands that are doing the rounds. Let us check a few of the chic sedans that shall fall within the range of Rs 6 lakhs only. This shall be a great comfort to the busy professionals who would like to go for some stylish mean machines.

Best Sedan Cars Under 6 Lakhs in India

We have compiled a list of leading models of sedans in the Indian market, which is surely going to be worth your test drive and possibly even buying them for yourself.

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  1. Honda Amaze
  2. Volkswagen Ameo
  3. Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire
  4. Ford Aspire
  5. Hyundai Xcent

#1. Honda Amaze

One of the best in terms of looks, the body, and the exteriors will blow you the moment you look at it. Next is when you realize that the sedan is one of the finest from the brand of Honda, you know that you expected it all along! The carmaker has come up to offer the car in six shades that spell class. The dual chrome front grille, ORVM Turn Indicators, and more features shall wow you. Read on to know why we list it among our top five.


  • The diesel version gets alloy wheels.
  • The CVT Transmission gets G-Design shift and torque converters
  • Amaze gets IVTEC Petrol and IDTEC Diesel engines both of which offer high fuel efficiency.
  • Dual airbags, ABS with EBD and of course the immobilizer anti-theft systems are available for most of the variants.
  • Stellar features, infotainment system, and safety additions for the driver and passengers.

Price: Honda Amaze’s ex-showroom price on an average is Rs5.67 lakhs, which is a great deal for those who wish to get their money’s worth.

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#2. Volkswagen Ameo

If you have already driven or have gone on a long drive in one of Volkswagen vehicles, you must be aware of the qualities and characters that the brand can offer. Coming in this under Rs 6 lakh range, Volkswagen Ameo is a tough competitor to other vehicles in this category. The sedan gets to borrow a few features from Polo, and the front façade shall remind you of it. The twin-slat grille is something to note, and then you have a few other stunning additions, which will amuse you for sure. The body coloured bumper, the alloy wheels, and dual beam headlamps are going to be what you shall also have a look while you walk towards it. Besides these, you shall be able to check out the other features:



  • Volkswagen Ameo gets the five-speed manual transmission.
  • It gets petrol engine and diesel engine and variants too in each of these engines. Each of the features varies with the models and variants.
  • Halogen headlamps get the black finish and body coloured bumpers, mirrors, and other such fixtures.
  • Ameo gets 3-cylinder in-line petrol engine and four-cylinder diesel engines.
  • Fuel efficiency ranges from 17.83kmpl to 21.66kmpl.

Price: The base model of the petrol engine variant of Volkswagen Ameo comes at a price of Rs5.46lakhs and the diesel engine variant come at Rs.6.58 lakhs only.

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#3. Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire

Just like the Maruti Swift, even the Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire also brought in great joy and excitement in the hearts of the people who love the brand. The new Swift Dzire comes in 14 variants and in six colours to pick from and besides these, you also get the black accents, and bumper designs, wraparound taillights, and of course, alloy wheels.


  • You shall be able to pick from 1197cc, K-series VVT petrol engine or the 1248cc DDiS diesel engine.
  • Both the petrol and diesel engines deliver powerful fuel emission and mileage that shall make your ride worth every penny.
  • The stylish upholstery, the steering comfort, and the safety technology like the reverse parking sensors and locking facilities along with defogging and foldable mirrors are all features you would get in all the variants.
  • Though the New Swift Dzire has carried forward many features and gearbox, there are a few improvisations that one would notice as he slips behind the steering.

Price: The price of Maruti Suzuki New Swift Dzire is Rs.5.44 lakhs only and that goes for both the petrol and diesel engine vehicles.

#4. Ford Aspire

One of the finest and the best features of Ford go into making the Ford Aspire, the sedan that you would not like to miss. If you have high regards for Ford, then go for a test drive in Ford Aspire now. The Ford MyKey feature, the Automatic climate control, and the airbags shall make you feel a lot reassured once you step in here. Let us check out the features here now.


  • Ford gives you nine brilliant variants to choose from and these cars come in any of the seven stunning colours too for those who go for looks.
  • The hexagonal grille and headlamps make the car get a wide front.
  • You shall get petrol and diesel engines, automatic and manual gearbox to give strong mileage and fuel efficiency.
  • The stylish interiors, with its beige and black interiors and black dashboard, along with voice control, and SYNC apps shall give you an experience in driving like no other.

Price: The average ex-showroom price of this Ford Aspire comes at Rs5.84 lakhs only, which is very reasonable per se.

#5. Hyundai Xcent

Those who have always wanted a Hyundai’s car taking its position in their garage, can now easily have one. The Hyundai Xcent is by far the sportiest one to feature in this list. The 1120cc engine of the car shall give a superb mileage of 24.4kmpl and offers latest technical upgrades of power steering and more stylish interiors.



  • Progressive design and sporty features along with rear chrome garnish, antennae, chrome radiator grille, boot lid spoiler with reflector are what you see from the exteriors.
  • The interiors are spacious and even tall people or people who prefer to have a lot of room for themselves would love it! The leather upholstery and the ample storage including the floor console and the seat storage are what you shall not miss.
  • The sedan gets a 1CRDi diesel engine and gets a five-speed manual and four-speed automatic engine gearbox for optimum performance.

Price: The ex-showroom price of Hyundai Xcent would be around Rs.5.56 lakhs.

In short, we have now checked out some of the biggest brands that are very popular among the car-lovers, and whose sedans are within our budget too. So, this 2019 take a deep breath and pick out one for yourself. In terms of style, all of them compete with each other, and they would definitely grace your garage and life just as you always wished for in your life! if you have room to increase budget you may like to check Best Sedan under 10 lakhs in India too